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  1. No need to panic and ruin your ratio, it's 99.9% likely the tracker will continue
  2. After 10 years of running MuseBootlegs myself and Phil have decided to call it a day, a lot has changed in our lives and we have a lot less time than we used to. We're both happy for the site to be taken over by new owners, if your interested please get in touch. If we don't get any applicants that we feel are right then the site will close at the end of November. Thank you to everyone for making the site what it is today and of course to all the tapers which made it all possible, we simply created a forum for everyone to share and enjoy the many bootlegs. Paul
  3. We'd announce something if we we're closed. In all our time we've only had 1 take down notice for a bootleg and we complied with it.
  4. I was making a compilation of B-sides and rare tracks onto a DVD but forgot to finish it...
  5. I hope they actually include everything and not chop some tracks out. Audio bootleg is online @ MuseBootlegs: http://www.musebootlegs.com/?p=torrents&pid=10&action=details&tid=1476
  6. The only version I'm aware of is the three songs broadcast on Palladia - it appears these were the only tracks broadcast as opposed to the full show.
  7. I used the term B-Sides loosely My mistake! Basically used everything that's listed here: http://www.musewiki.org/Category:B_Sides ...plus non album tracks.
  8. Niall can I change my username? If so how do I go about doing this
  9. I'm putting together a B-Side collection; not sure if I'm missing any... Disc 1 - Pre-Showbiz 1 Balloonatic 2 Agitated Disc 2 - Showbiz 1 Overdue 2 Sunburn 3 Nishe 4 Recess 5 Yes Please 6 Ashamed 7 Minimum 8 Con-Science 9 Coma 10 Host 11 Twin 12 Agitated 13 Do We Need This? 14 Pink Ego Box 15 Forced In 16 Jimmy Kane 17 Spiral Static Disc 3 - Origin of Symmetry 1 Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want 2 Shine 3 Hyper Chondriac Music 4 The Gallery 5 Map of Your Head 6 Piano Thing 7 Shrinking Universe 8 Bedroom Acoustics 9 Execution Commentary 10 Nature_1 11 Futurism Disc 4 - Hullabaloo 1 House of the Rising Sun 2 Can't Take My Eyes Off You 3 In Your World 4 Dead Star Disc 5 - Absolution 1 Eternally Missed 2 The Groove 3 Fury 4 Butterflies and Hurricanes Guitars Mix Disc 6 - Black Holes and Revelations 1 Assassin (Grand Omega Bosses edit) 2 Who Knows Who 3 Soaked 4 Man of Mystery 5 Hidden Track 6 Easily 7 Crying Shame 8 Glorious Disc 7 - The Resistance 1 Prague 2 Popcorn 3 I Belong To You New Moon 4 Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
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