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  1. Citizen Erased 55 Map of The Problematique 47 The Groove 40 Hoodoo 36 The Small Print 33 Blackout 32 Plug in Baby 32 Stockholm Syndrome 31 Time is Running Out 29 New Born 29
  2. Five Stars: * * * * * Good things about the album: Very energetic with lots of variation, lots of different styles and entertaining Bad things about the album: Less subtlety or any masterpiece like songs, lacks some of the emotion of the previous album(s) Best track: Hoodoo, Take a Bow, Map of the Problematique Worst track: Starlight Favourite moment: When the piano and thumping drums kick in on Hoodoo, plus all the lyrics to that song, "Why can't we see that when we bleed we bleed the same" and much of MotP
  3. A song that it actually does remind me of is Bad Touch by the Bloodhound gang, does anywhere else hear it?
  4. If you like the songs you've heard and you honestly think you are a fan then you are one. I know someone who has seen Star Wars Episode I and IV and loved them both and talks about them a lot, are they not a star wars fan? fan2 n 1. an ardent admirer of a pop star, film actor, football team, etc. Sure I wish that Muse appealed less to these fans but it doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to like them, listen to them or see them live. Anyone who thinks they aren't fans is just a Muse, and a music, snob.
  5. Whilst Citizen Erased is my favourite song, Butterflies and Hurricanes is more of a masterpiece, somehow....
  6. Piano Fan (worked on friends mum) Butterflies and Hurricanes Cave Apocalypse Please/Sing for Absolution if they really like it, use the wild card Space Dementia Metal Fan Dead Star Stockholm Syndrome Unnatural Selection/MK Ultra Citizen Erased Pop Fan Uprising Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Time is Running Out Bliss And with the Radiohead Fan, just edit their iTunes and slip some muse songs in their Radiohead albums, and tell them after a few weeks, they won't notice
  7. As MK ULTRA started (at the 02) the fat guys behind me had a conversation that was similar this: "Oh s***, they're-" "Oh my f***ing god" "They're not doing this" "I'm literally orgasming" "My wavelength gently grew ;)" shreeking/highfiving
  8. I want it to be 11 sequel tracks to Undisclosed Desires and Neutron Star Collision... Experimental, but coherent, maybe a rocky electric first half, and a piano based second half, 5 of each, and then some good mixes
  9. Showbiz Sunburn OoS Citizen Erased Absolution TiRO BH&R Invincible tR Uprising (but mostly DiOY,Y! remix)
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