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  1. Q1: Fave Muse song (in general) Stockholm Syndrome. (: Q2: Fave Muse song (vocally) Exogenesis Part 3: Redemption. Q3: Fave Muse song (musically) Knights of Cydonia. Q4: Fave Muse song (live) Showbiz or Knights of Cydonia. =) Q5: Fave Muse music video? Starlight. Q6: Fave Muse member? Matt Bellamy. (: Q7: Fave Muse item of clothing the band have worn? Matt's outfit at Abbey Road 07. Q7: Fave Muse moment? There are too many! But recently, one of my favourite Muse moments is when Matt talks on and on about boats. Q7: Fave Muse album? Absolution. Q8: Fave Muse riff? Plug In Baby or Stockholm Syndrome. Q8: Matt the pinaist or Matt the guitarist? I'd choose both since he's amazing at both instruments, but if I had to choose one...I'd have to say Matt the guitarist! Q9: If you were stranded on an island and could only have 3 Muse songs to listen to which would they be? Stockholm Syndrome, Map of the Problematique, and Showbiz. That was hard to narrow down... Q9: If you could spend the day with Muse...what would you do? I honestly don't know, I'd probably want to just go out to eat and chat or something. =) Q10: What colour hair suits Matt best? Black hair looks amazing on him. Q11: How many times have you seen Muse live? Sadly, none. Q12: How long have you been a fan? I've only been a fan for half a year, but I've known them for about 2 years. Q13: Have you ever met Muse? Nope. Q14: Chris' best moustach moment? I can't think of one off the top of my head. Q15: Fave album cover? Absolution. Q16: Bliss or Newborn? Bliss. Q17: Plug in Baby or Time Is Running Out? It depends on my mood...but most of the time I prefer Time Is Running Out. Q18: Stockholm Syndrome or Hysteria? Stockholm Syndrome! Q19: Fave Muse b-side? Spiral Static or Eternally Missed. Q20: Why are you a fan of Muse Because they're talented and make amazing music. Also, they're hilarious.
  2. I don't really like Overdue, Guiding Light, Prague, Yes Please, and Hate This And I'll Love You. I used to hate Soldier's Poem and Screenager, but now that I've listened to those two a bit more they're slightly better now. =)
  3. Aww cute interview with Matt. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hysteria, Knights of Cydonia, Map of the Problematique, Neutron Star Collision, Plug In Baby, Stockholm Syndrome, and Undisclosed Desires. It's currently Map of the Problematique. (:
  5. It's constantly changing! =) But right now it's: 1. Stockholm Syndrome 2. Space Dementia 3. Knights of Cydonia 4. Spiral Static 5. Shrinking Universe 6. Butterflies and Hurricanes 7. Showbiz 8. Citizen Erased 9. Map of the Problematique 10. Megalomania
  6. I dunno why, but I love singing to IBTY. It's such a fun song to sing =). Starlight and Eternally Missed are fun to sing as well.
  7. In science class a couple of days ago, we were watching a video about climate change. And I wasn't really paying attention until I heard the guy in the video say, "glaciers melting." =)
  8. 4 stars. It's my least favourite Muse album, but I by no means dislike it. =) Best track: Exogenesis Part 3: Redemption Worst track: Guiding Light. >_> Uprising: It was catchy when I first heard it, but the more I listen to it the more repetitive it gets. Resistance: The "could be wrong, could be wrong" part annoys me, but otherwise the song is good. Undisclosed Desires: I think UD's great, especially the last chorus. =) Really catchy. United States of Eurasia: I think it's an interesting song, even though it's kind of boring in the beginning for me. Guiding Light: It's not a bad song. It's just so cheesy. Unnatural Selection: I don't really like the beginning, but once I'm past that the song's great. =) MK Ultra: One of my favourites off The Resistance. I love the riff, and the "They're breaking through" part. I Belong To You: I think it's a fun pop song that's easy to listen to. Makes me smile. I don't really mind the French part, I think it's funny. Overture: Love love love Exogenesis. Matt's falsetto = love. Cross-pollination: Least favourite Exogenesis part, but still awesome. I just find it underwhelming compared to the other two parts. Redemption: Pure awesome. The piano in the beginning is amazing, the strings are beautiful, and Matt's vocals are, as always, wonderful to listen to. =)
  9. 5 stars. =) 3rd favourite Muse album. Good things about the album: There's a greater variety in the songs, so there's more experimentation going on. =) I also rarely skip any of these songs except maybe one or two. Bad things about the album: The order of songs could have been improved. It doesn't have the same flow as some of the previous albums. =/ Best track: Knights of Cydonia. Worst track: Soldier's Poem. Favourite moment: "No one's gonna take me alive." in Knights of Cydonia, "Take a bow-ow-ow-ow-ow" in Take a Bow, MotP chorus, strings in City of Delusion, all of Hoodoo. =) 1. Knights of Cydonia 2. Hoodoo 3. Map of the Problematique 4. City of Delusion 5. Take a Bow 6. Supermassive Black Hole 7. Starlight 8. Assassin 9. Invincible 10. Exo-Politics 11. Soldier's Poem
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