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  1. Wow... Muse forum, it's been a long time. Just wanted to wish everyone who's going to the Brighton show happy gig-times. Will be there myself, and after looking at these setlists, I couldn't be more excited about it. See you there!
  2. After nine years of seeing them live, and tonight being my 20th time seeing them, I finally witnessed Dead Star live. Chuffed. And I loved its full-blown theatricality with the on-stage actors - wonderful stuff.
  3. Bizarre-ass video. Makes absolutely no sense. And yet - it's shot quite nicely, and it's still the best video from T2L so far.
  4. They attempted to deliver it today, but I was out - left a card saying come back in 24 hours. I know it's my fault I wasn't in today, but the fact they delivered it on a FRIDAY as opposed to four days ago on release day is goddamn unacceptable. Really annoyed. I WANT MY BOX SET :'(
  5. In the same boat. Preordered box set - nothing. It's now Wednesday. Nice to know when you pay 60 frickin' quid you don't get it on time. I sent a long annoyed (but polite) email to both muse shop and Warner. No reply yet, which is retarded. So I still don't have my favourite band's album, probably not until at least 3 days after the release date. Grrrr!
  6. Enemy

    Save Me

    Can understand the comments about it being repetitive, but I really think this song will come into its own on record. I remember there was supposed to be a Beach Boys vibe to it, which didn't strike me listening to it live.
  7. I had such a fantastic time. All the new songs sounded brilliant. Definitely worth sleeping at the airport afterwards for! My thoughts on the new tracks: Supremacy: Guhhhh. So - damn - sexy. However, it feels like it's been re-worked to be played live without an orchestra. Looking forward to hearing the proper orchestra on the album. Panic Station: Very different, and all the better for it. Matt's vocals had so much sass. Animals: Now that's old-school. Think it was in 5/4 if I remember correctly, which is a rarity for Muse. That riffage at the end - phwoar! Save Me: Very personal lyrics, and Chris' voice is lovely. Did it remind anyone else of Porcupine Tree? And that huge sigh of relief Chris did at the song's end - beautiful, ha. Follow Me: Wicked. The dubstep elements worked, bizarrely, and it sounds like a properly uplifting song. I'll probably never get to see them in a venue that small again, so I'm glad I made the effort to go. Awesome gig.
  8. That says that there are no tickets left... (http://translate.google.com/#auto/en/%22Entschuldigung!%20F%C3%BCr%20diese%20Auswahl%20sind%20keine%20Tickets%20verf%C3%BCgbar%0AZur%20Zeit%20sind%20in%20dem%20von%20Ihnen%20ausgew%C3%A4hlten%20Bereich%20leider%20nicht%20gen%C3%BCgend%20Tickets%20vorhanden.%20Bitte%20%C3%A4ndern%20Sie%20den%20Bereich%2C%20die%20Anzahl%20der%20Tickets%20oder%20nutzen%20Sie%20unsere%20Bestplatzbuchung.%22)
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