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  1. Wait a sec...they've got dates for Latvia and Estonia, and no date for anywhere in Portugal? Considering the fan base we've got, I find this very disappointing. I seriously hope they'll announce one soon, otherwise I find this most ridiculous.
  2. Album version: Unintended Live version: Invincible
  3. New Born 10/10 Bliss 9/10 Space Dementia 10/10 Hyper Music 8/10 Plug In Baby 9/10 Citizen Erased 10/10 Micro Cuts 9/10 Screenager 8/10 Darkshines 7/10 Feeling Good 6/10 Megalomania 9/10
  4. 4/5  Good Things: A solid, emotional debut album that shows great potential. Also shows how talented they are musically and Matts amazing vocal range. Has some class songs like Showbiz, Muscle Museum and Sunburn.Oh, and it's Muse  Bad Things: Matt's voice doesn't sound as great as it does now, even though he reaches some astonishing notes, and there seems to be a lot of whining and moaning. Poor lyrics and some poor songs that don't appeal to many people.  Best Songs: Showbiz, Muscle Museum, Cave, Escape, Sunburn, Uno  Worst Songs: Overdue, Sober, Unintended, Fillip (i kinda love it though)
  5. Yes, their recent videos have been poor/lazy (except Uprising) Sing For Absolution is my fave!
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