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  1. This tour, Dig down, and they're playing GMA now? My interest in Muse is over. I'll enjoy the old stuff. Back to Add Violence.
  2. Pretty simple. Stockholm Syndrome should be played at EVERY show. Every Muse fan loves it, and every just...rock fan knows it. It pretty much gave Muse their reputation for being immensely talented at their instruments. It's their Head Like a Hole. It should be played at every Muse show...because a tired and boring SS is still better than the shitty version of Starlight they keep trotting out.
  3. I will say, I think if you request songs via social media that are reasonable requests they usually tend to. I tweeted I've never seen Bliss a week or so before the show, they played Bliss and it's only been played like 3 times this tour. The hashtags usually work. Few people have said they've requested things on social media and gotten to hear them. People started talking about Map's absence online...it showed back up. Just saying. They check those accounts.
  4. This is just stupid. In Dallas, fans requested it and people loved it. In Houston, Bliss was more popular than most of the songs played. Just flat out disrespectful to us old Musers in the US. He even did this in 2010 for freaking Plug In Baby in Houston. We all sang along and his response after "pretty good for a song that was never released here." For Bliss in Dallas, "We're gonna play our second song off of our second song. Okay?" When Faith No More played Epic, from 1989, Mike Patton didn't go "oh we're gonna play an old song guys". Or when NIN played Sanctified from Pretty Hate Machine Trent didn't go "hope you remember this one." Seriously, just fuck off. Just stop playing the old songs, guys. We will just stop buying tickets.
  5. After the show I was super disappointed in the one piano song, nothing good from BHAR, shitty version of Starlight, no Stockholm, and was just thankful Hysteria got played. After seeing how horrific the sets have gotten now I'm just like "fuck yes I got to see Bliss". Because that mediocre set, technical difficulty riddled performance has only gotten worse. At the time it was super suck. Now it looks fucking amazing. Luckily the band sounds better than ever, right? Right?? Thanks, Muse.
  6. If they would have played ONE OoS song (Bliss, CE or Plug In Baby) instead of Resistance that would have been a badass set tonight. Sad that they have completely dropped CE apparently, despite suggesting it may be played more often.
  7. Unacceptable that these things are STILL broken. Map again though. I would complain that early tour got shafted, but I got to hear Bliss. *shrug* I think they realized that dropping Hysteria was just flat out idiotic and brought it back. Which is nice, but to the peril of the OoS songs.
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