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    Playing guitar, piano, videogames, lol. Matt influenced me to get a guitar and start playing. Now I do a bunch of Muse stuff on guitar and piano. :)
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    Muse, Paramore, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Lana Del Rey, The Neighbourhood, The Black Keys, Imagine Dragons, Mumford and Sons, The Killers, The Smiths, Kings of Leon, Phoenix...
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    Scott Pilgrim VS The World, (500) Days of Summer, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Silver Linings Playbook, Across The Universe, Toy Story 3, Wreck-It Ralph, The Lion King, Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies...etc etc
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    Arrow, Breaking Bad , Arrested Development, American Horror Story, New Girl, etc etc
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    The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Looking For Alaska, 1984...
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    All Muse CD's including HAARP Hullaballoo, plus Muse Live at Rome CD/Blu-ray. Also Exogenesis 12" Vinyl.
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    September 23rd 2010: Honda Center; Anaheim, CA
    January 23rd 2013: Staples Center; Los Angeles, CA :]
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  1. Compared to most recent albums, they really are taking a darker approach to this album. The song was awesome and heavy and pretty simple. But I like it! Also, Drones is probably going to be the most explicit album from Muse to date, which I totally welcome.
  2. I mainly PC game. I still have my Xbox and use it but I stopped paying for Xbox Live. Might get a PS4 but can't afford that right now.

  3. lol I see, that's ok. You're still on 360? I still have you as a friend on there, lol. I use it every once a while but I use my PS3 more now. Do you have another gaming system?

  4. Nah I was never about that kind of thing. Only thing I have is a twitter, same username as here.

  5. That's cool. That's real devotion. I hang around Tumblr a lot now, there's a ton of Muse fans on there. You don't have one?

  6. Oh hey, it's been fine. I'm still hanging around here a lot.

  7. Hey Kueller, how's it been? It's been a while since we talked Muse and stuff!

  8. Ahh I was searching for it in the game until it popped up and it never did. Would've been cool to play along side some Muse in game
  9. Hmm, oh no this is hard. Supremacy Madness Supermassive Black Hole Map of the Problematique Follow Me Citizen Erased Unintended Butterflies and Hurricanes Exogenesis: Overture Endlessly Knights of Cydonia
  10. I got some videos up. Managed to get Bliss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqB3CWJy-n8 Apparently I need a new camera. :/ Oh and I was all the way in the front
  11. So I haven't really followed them around lately with their setlists, but I was really surprised when they played Bliss. Never thought I'd ever see that.
  12. YOU GUYS. Have fun everyone, wish you guys an awesome concert.
  13. Starlight used to be my favorite Muse song, but then was replaced by Madness. I listened to it non stop since it came out and I never got tired of it. So I choose Madness. Honestly, in my opinion, it's one of the best songs they've ever done and my all time favorite from them.
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