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  1. it's not about your favourite, it's about which one is the best for all muse fans and which one has the most quality.
  2. ok we love muse and their songs obviously, and most of us think all muse's works are pretty epic and real masterpiece, but which one is the best? i voted for cave, i really love that song and to me it's not just muse's best work, it's one of the best song ever! best intro & verses & chorus & outro ever, imo of course
  3. hmm very very hard but here is my top 10: 1 - Spiral Static 2 - Cave 3 - Hoodoo (haarp version) 4 - The Groove 5 - Exogenesis 6 - Glorious 7 - Apocalypse Please 8 - Butterflies & Hurricanes 9 - Showbiz 10 - Space Dementia
  4. 1. Spiral Static 2. The Groove 3. Glorious 4. Fury 5. Ashamed in fact the first three are my favourite muse songs!
  5. Showbiz Best: Cave or Spiral Static (both my fav muse songs) Worst: Falling Down Origin of Symmetry (my fav muse album) Best: All Worst: None Hullabaloo Best: Ashamed Worst: The Gallery Absolution Best: Stockholm Syndrome or Ruled by Secrecy or Hysteria or Apocalypse Please Worst: Blackout (only muse song i totally hate!) Black Holes and Revelations Best: KoC or Assasin or Glorious Worst: Soldier's Poem H.A.A.R.P. Best: Hoodoo Worst: Blackout The Resistance Best: Exogenesis or MK Ultra or Unnatural Selection Worst: Undisclosed Desires P.S. normally i love all of muse's songs except blackout, so worst from an album doesn't mean i don't like the song that i picked.
  6. ta daaa! finally! i have officialy #2898!!! i'm soooooo happy! i'm between 2881 - Travisx2112 and 2932 - Tornado let us know which number you have when it's arrived
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