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Best Work of Muse: Which One Is A Real Masterpiece?


Which One Is The Best Masterpiece of Muse?  

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  1. 1. Which One Is The Best Masterpiece of Muse?

    • Butterflies & Hurricanes
    • Cave
    • Citizen Erased
    • Exogenesis: Symphony
    • Fury
    • Knights of Cydonia
    • Micro Cuts
    • New Born
    • Showbiz
    • Space Dementia

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Ohh sorry but your poll is a bit too biased.


There should only be:


Citizen Erased

Butterflies and Hurricanes

Knights of Cydonia



Why? Because they all are THE stand-out/masterpiece from their respective album (whether you like them or not, you cant deny), and they each represent what Muse is quite perfectly on their own way.


well all of the songs have at least 2 votes so what you said is pointless right now.

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You can't label generic 'Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - OMGDIFFERENTBIT - Chorus' as a masterpiece. Most bands do that and even if it does sound good, it's definitely NOT a masterpiece.


Citizen Erased is the finest Muse song ever, and in my opinion - one of the finest songs ever written. Very few bands can fill a song with atmosphere like Muse do in Citizen Erased (2nd would be the symphony, no doubt about it).

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Exogenesis is not a masterpiece. If it is classed as 'classical' or a 'symphony' (which it simply isn't), then it is fucking awful. Like, mind-numbingly basic.


However, if we are calling a spade a spade, and classing it as a rock band trying to incorporate some orchestral elements, then is is a very good attempt. Not even the best attempt they have done though, IMO.


Butterflies and Hurricanes achieves it a lot better. That is why I voted for it.

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Where the fuck is Hoodoo?


Listen, I love all of these songs, but I honestly think that Hoodoo is a freakin' masterpiece. Micro Cuts is a good song, but I wouldn't label it a 'masterpiece.'






I'm going to be generic and say Exogenesis and Citizen Erased. I'll also be somewhat controversial and add Hoodoo to that list.


DO IT :awesome:


actually i cant choose my favorite out of those listed :$ i just, i just cant do it... i love them all too much

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