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    NASSAU COLISEUM: 10/23/10
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  1. these photos are incredible. bravo! the popping mushrooms ones took my breath away.
  2. happy new year photography friends!! <3 heres to a great new year full of photos, fun and experiences beautiful! I like the second one because it reminds me of the hubble deep field photograph...so many colorful bursts of life love it!! so majestic and fierce. love the angle of the wings. your mt fuji photo is stunning as well! heres some recents that i took post-pro attempts at a more vintage filtered look! ^^I had very difficult but beautiful lighting to work with here. cloudy sunset gave the sky a tan-gold hue!
  3. wow I can almost feel the softness of the plant. beautiful work with the lighting!
  4. thank you! I love your photos. particularly the contrast between the blue neon lights and the yellowish gray sky. fantastic :) lovely lovely!! i've always found it a challenge trying to capture fireworks. youve done so excellently...congrats
  5. Dear M, C, and D Happy Christmas and a lovely New Year! Thank you for touring all year and giving us such amazing memories. you are all extraordinary people. have a nice relaxing year with your beautiful families! love Mizu
  6. hi sweeties! it's been a while but im back with some wintery photos let your eyes absorb and enjoy them! my friend took this one of me if you like my work please follow my flickr! http://www.flickr.com/photos/deoxygeous/
  7. my list currently! Absolution The 2nd Law Origin The Resistance BHAR Showbiz
  8. Muse means a lot to me they have helped me through very difficult times in my life, provided me a reason to make it through the day, be excited for something in life also they have inspired me to create something beautiful in my life, whether it be music, art or photography yes they are just a band but have changed my life. maybe they opened up my eyes to the world. without them I would probably be one of those brainwashed teenage girls listening to radio music 24/7...completely unaware of the world around me
  9. i agree some of the first Muse songs I heard were from Absolution (Hysteria, Stockholm, Butterflies)
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