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  1. I'm sure Rammstein use way more pyro in arenas that have a roof
  2. I should have known a convo about tent erections would end up in the gutter :LOL:
  3. I shall be going for the front barrier for this gig, as Biffy are supporting, need a good view of Simon . You could join me and Cath in the Muse campsite. I would recommend you don't get a pop-up tent though as they don't pack very small. The one I had is really easy to put up and only £10 in the sale at Tesco at the moment.
  4. I really hope it's not the remix version we're getting, it's horrible:noey: Panic Station was played last night on radio one. Somebody requested it, it was just the normal version minus the 'fuck', don't know if that has any bearing on which version it will be. The DJs talk about going to MSG to see Muse after they play it and even mention how awesome it was to hear Dead Star. At the 22 minute mark http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rydhj
  5. Well it seems I will be going to this now......... Biffy clinched the deal
  6. Given to the Wild is a great album:wtf:
  7. As much as I love to hate the NME as much as the next person, the categories were chosen by NME readers, so it's not really the NME targeting them. Much the same as it was NME readers who put Muse in the worst band catagorie.
  8. Well the live stream is going well, watching paint dry
  9. I'm happy with Dizzee not my first choice or the kind of music I'd listen to at home, but when I saw him at Glasto he was fantastic and really got the crowd pumped up. He's way better than a lot of the dull supports Muse have had in the past and he knows how to work a large crowd.
  10. I just got this email back when I enquired about queues. 'Yes there will be different queues for the different levels. If you are facing the venue, the queue for levels 1, 2 and 3 will be to the right of the doors.' 1 hour and 15 mins, I wouldn't really call that a full set
  11. So we are more likely to get achance to see them? Poor Jamie I would say if you don't live too far away it's worth a shot, there is always the odd person that can't make it, I know plenty of people who have bought tickets from the queue. Just ask down the line, hold up a sign, whatever it takes.
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