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Aha, new drawing as for today. Bored and I feel like drawing something random and Muse related :D


Tiny Little Muse

That is ADORABLE!! I love it! :D


Speed painting I did today. Forgive the cruddy letters. :LOL:


Reference picture taken from the image gallery.


Woah, awesome! Really amazing painting.

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As for me, I tried drawing Matt yesterday. :happy:





OMG thats amazing! :happy: I wish I could do that, the only thing i can do is draw his guitar :chuckle:


Here's one I whipped up a few hours ago ..




i love that pic and thats a great drawing :)



Huge picture is huge. And I don't have the patience to learn the spoiler tags right this second.


Matt is best friends with the Knights of Cydonia horse. ^^

thats cute :happy:

also: love your av!

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