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    I was born in NZ. I heard Muse for the first time on the movie Seven Pounds ("Feeling Good") and searched them up and...well the rest is history. I love God, and want Muse to love him too =]
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    Middle Earth
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    sketching, drawing, playing geeytar, listening to music, surfing muse board, hanging in the city, finding awesome clothes that no one wears, shopping for unusual things.. planning untimely demises of people who deserve it .. haha
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    haha, Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, Oh, Sleeper, Bic Runga, Coldplay, Escape the Fate, Escend, Flight of the Conchords, In Fear and Faith, We Came As Romans, Kimya Dawson, Lifehouse, Linkin Park, Lykke Li, The Living End, Maroon5, My Chemical Romance, Switchfoot, Vampire Weekend, Wolf Mother, Yann Tiersen (as a composer), Bach, Chopin, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Baz Lurhman (all composers), Mozart, Verdi..the list goes on ;) and thats just scratching the surface!
  • Favourite Films
    Too many, soz kids, but they usually range from things like Zombieland, LOTR, to Amelie, Life is Beautiful, Moulin Rouge, then things like Avatar, Where the Wild Things Are .. the list goes on!
  • Favourite TV Shows
    wat keeps me entertained on the tele box..himm, many things including JJJTV, Xbox, ps2, my limited dvd collection, House, How I Met Your Mother, Big Love, Desparate Housewives, Talkn Bout Your Gen..many things..
  • Favourite Books
    Haha, wat I like to read.. hmm..LOTR, Jmag, Frankie (but sorta goin off that one), Dracula, Jane Austen, Paul Stewart (wonder if Matt knows him?)...er...theres actually too many for me to recall currently..
  • Muse Releases Owned
    I ownnnn...Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations, Origins of Symmetry, The Resitance, Showbiz, tonnes of rares and b-sides (WIN) and H.A.A.R.P DVD and Hullabaloo CD and DVD and a funky resistance tshirt from bdo Auckland 2010.
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Well, Im hoping to go see 'em in November, if they come to Aus, WHICH THEY BETTER!!!!!! My first concert of theirs was this year, Auckland BDO, 2010..
  1. lol yeah

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your still lucky, i can't go anywhere - saving up for glastonbury :awesome:

    that is sooo cool, i dont get matt dreams :( why sad??????????

    :stunned: nothing your thinking of :shifty:

    MUSE BAUBLES ARE SOOOOO COOL i reallllly wanted them but my mum wouldnt let me

    i'll get you a picture of some for your birthday :awesome:

  2. :LOL: Yeah, well, actually, decent setlists are kiiinda rare...:(

    Yeswai :dance: Yeah, I look forward to science most, he sits right next to me :awesome::stongue:

    :LOL: Well, my mum keeps wondering why I suddenly want to go to school at all :LOL::LOL:

    Uhhhh...right now I'm watching HIGNFY and eating biscuits :D Ai havs opened awl mah pwezzies nao :dance: Have you? What did you get ? :)

  3. ehehehehehe :LOL: yeah, i waz so pwoud thei played a pwoper concert :LOL::chuckle:

    OMGEEEE A BOI?!! nowai :chuckle: TELL TELL TELL. yeah, i remember that, i had a boy in like, all my classes, and i'd even look forward to maths coz i had him. Mum was wondering why i'd want to go to school even when I was sick as a dog :chuckle::LOL:

    but please, tell us everything :p

  4. :D Thanks.

    Haha, fair enough :LOL: Oh wow, awesome :awesome: I'm not going anywhere on holiday...tbh I'm pretty happy about that, Christmas holidays you want to be a tine to relax and be lazy :LOL: Or I do, anyway :p

    ... ... :stunned: Wowee. Wow. Awesome :) Well, it sounds like you had a pretty damn awesome time...kewl :)

    Omigod Sunburn...*longs* I lurrrve Sunburn...Nishe :awesome: And Collateral Damage?! :dance: Nowai? :LOL: *wants*

    No school, but it's OK when there is...I've kinda fallen for this boy :facepalm: so yeah, he takes up a lot of most of my days, and I never get any work done in the lessons I have with him (English, Science, Maths, like everything else :)) Um, holidays, yeah...not doing much, having a lazy one :D Homework and present wrapping, I guess :chuckle:

  5. :kiss: glad ur back :p

    ahahahahaha, well i was actually at my mums friends house coz our house was getting fumagated -___- but now I'm in NZ :awesome: with my family for xmas :D

    IT WAS INSANE, we had A range seating, so he was right up close - and he did the TiRO solo right in front of us on the edge of the stage, DAMN FREAKIN AWESOME.

    the setlist was insane too - sunburn, CE, they even played Nishe as a fill!!! and MotP andddddddd... UosE with Collateral Damage :p soooo goooood.

    hahahaha, hmm... how about... hows school? xmas prep? holidays? :D

  6. ahahahaha, yeah, things always get in the way of Muse .. and it's so WRONG!!

    hahaha, no no! i'm living in Aus! so it was just up the road .. but I've actually come out to NZ now for xmas with my family..

    strangest thing, I just had a dream about Matt - i met him after the Syd concert and asked for an autograph, and then he offered to drive me home in this beat up old 70's car - and then we got attacked by fans just outside my house...

    and then i woke up :sad:


    but anyways, thats awesome!! why great? anything in particular happen ;):eyebrows::p

    yeah, gettin ready 4 xmas - we set up the tree a few days ago, i couldnt help thinking about the Muse baubles they have for sale on the merch site *siiiigghhh :rolleyes: seriously thats all i want 4 xmas :p

  7. no, honestly its fine, i kinda just did that myself so i should be apologising - sorry :p

    YAY :dance: lol

    NO WAY!!!!!! lucky, so your flying all the way to australia?? wow i wish my parents were like that

    by heck i've been great!!!! how about you? Getting ready for a great christmas?

  8. Can I please keep Matt's various forms of inanimate object rape/sex at Sydney gig dec 9 2010 Matt pointing at me at said gig CE at said gig Matt's matte black mansion appearance at said gig and the midi-screen solos performed on it Setlist from said gig That's 5 I'm pretty sure Please please?? Thanks so much!! :happy:
  9. God don't worry about it, I've not been on here for forever either :kiss: Wait, so where have you been if not home? :awesome:

    OMIGOD awesome!! I guess that was last thursday by now, so how was it? Must have been amazing :dance:

    What's been happening with me? Um...not too much tbh...there must be stuff, but I can't think of anything major...prompt me :p:chuckle:

  10. um so... here's the best story of my life guys: my mums bf came home one day and asked me to go down to the car to get a magazine that was in the boot for him. I wander down, and see its a drum mag with Muse as the main feature - i was like, WOOT! so i come back in and sit down about to read it and he goes "oh, there's a really fascinating article about them on pg. 17, take a look! i think you'll really enjoy it..." So i flick over and see a fat envelope, addressed to me, open it up and... HOLY CRAP, THREE TIX TO MUSE!! THURSDAY THE 9TH!! ACERR!! i died, blargh. and this is the best because i had totally told myself i wasn't going - my mum told me it was too expensive, and there were more important things to worry about (whatever, seriously, i would have sold the car) so yeah - just had to say CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS!!!!
  11. okay so pretty much i am the scum of the earth - i am SO SORRY, ive like, NOT EXISTED for forever. Ive been a little too busy, and this whole time ive been CRAVING muse-ness!! i missed being home :p

    but anyways, also wanted to say, OMG, just yesterday i got the best surprise from my mum ....... I GOT TIX TO SEE MUSE NEXT THURSDAY IN SYDNETY!!!! >.< I am, a little too inasnely happy right now :D :D :D

    but anyways, seriously, TELL ME EVETYTHING (im sorry, so many caps) how've you been!?! hows life?? whats happening in deluded citizen's world atm :p


    totally dropped off the face of the earth :p

    But my life is finally back in order now im back on the board :p :P

    SO PRETTY MUCH, just yesterday my mum surprised me with TICKETS TO THE MUSE SYDNEY CONCERT.

    Just had to tell somone :D :D

    anyways, HOW THE HECK have you been???

  13. :LOL::ninja:

    :chuckle: i would make a website like that, but i cant be bothered lol

    WOW have fun......

    ...... did you have a good time?

    lol my end is VERY boring, the good part of the holidays is over

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