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    my original account here was in 2005.....anywyas lost that one.. soo HII

    um im a girl, i have brown hair/eyes i like slow walks, candlelite diners , pickle barrel, music.

    i was born on the 1st of May 1989, the only girl to be born on the same pregnancy floor i was born on. i play guitar and bass and i do art....painting...photography.....drawign....
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    Toronto, Canada
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    a lot of stufff :D
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    supervisor at a bulk food store YEAGGGHHH
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    muse, blink 182, 30seconds to mars
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    fight club, hannibel, rebel without a cause (there really are to many to list)
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    skins, DOCTOR WHOOO
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    lets just say fave author.... chuck palahniuk
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    honestly to lazy to pull them out to type out what i have.
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    august 2007
    march 8 2010 [all in toronto]
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  1. If anyone has an extra code I’d be happy to have it
  2. Got lawns! To poor this year for anything else. Indie88 is giving away tickets as well and if you win you'll be in a draw to meet muse. I got to meet them at the last tour hear...it's worth trying to win
  3. ahhh...couldn't send private msg because I was logged out and sent to yr email listed instead...have a code if you need one

  4. after contacting the guy incharge of contacting winners for this contest he located the girl who took my photo with the band and she emailed it to me.
  5. emailed the gy who confirmed the contest win with me and livenation...live nation is useless with help.
  6. i'll probably end up emailing livenation or the guy who emailed me the winning confirmation email. going to wait till wed. that will make it 1 week. and i will be sad.
  7. yeah talked for a bit. at first i almost got mad cause they weren't payingattentin t me...matt and dom were talking to each other. We took the photo first (which will not exist :( ) its was short small talk. but when we left i turned and told them that last nights show (we had a show here tues and wed and i went to both) was amazing. then Matt told me thanks and to expect something amazing.....and well i was blown away.
  8. so i had entered 3 times...not reading the rules...(shame on me)...anyways....i won for the Toronto April 10 show. must say it was fun. touring the stage was cool, and was hard to hold back the temptation to jump on dom's drumset. anyways. when it came time to meet the band there were two other contest winners.. (a ping pong contest -2 boys played a 20min ping pong game with them) and winners from a radio station. The meet and greet was short, and what sucked was we weren't aloud to take photos with our camera. a livenation rep tok photos for us with her iphone (yes iphone) and was to email us the images (4 days later i still have not received the photo). we also were not aloud to get anything of ours signed "To keep the integrity of the event" but that was okay, got an autographed poster I love how matt and dom are tinnnnnnnnnyyy basically my height. and they were so nice! chris seemed shy but that was cool. Was given tickets to the show (seats and GA) and after going to the tuesday Toronto show the Wedesday one was superb - just look at our setlist -.
  9. it just ends when all the chances are won. the pieces don't run out.. also.....got my friend into the running.
  10. both a friend of mine and myself one today. we both found orbs that looked a little different from the others...not sure if that is just a coincidence
  11. so happy for this song. such a crappy year i've been having.
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