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    ALBUMS: Showbiz (Aust edition), Origin of Symmetry (Aust + Japan edition), Absolution (Aust mistake edition), Black holes & Revelations (Aust edition), HAARP (Aust edition), The Resistance (UK Special box set edition + Japanese edition)
    EPS: Dead Star/In Your World (Japan edition)
    SINGLES: Sunburn, Plug in Baby, Hysteria, Sing for absolution, Supermassive black hole, starlight, Uprising
    VINYL: Supermassive black hole, The Resistance
    DVDS: Hullabaloo, Absolution Tour, The Resistance, HAARP
    PROMOS: Sing for absolution static bag
    BOX SETS: Absolution singles box set
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    Hordern Pavillion, Sydney, Sept 2004
    Big Day Out, Sydney, Jan 2007
    BDO sideshow, Hordern Pavillion, Jan 2007
    Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Nov 2007
    O2 Arena, London, Nov 2009 (x2)
    Big Day Out, Sydney, Jan 2010
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  1. i'm lame and will...i paid that much for my all saints trinity shirt (which i LOVE)... you can get silver converse online on ebay...i got mine on there and i LOVE them...unless you're travelling to the states...you can buy them in pretty much any shop on broadway in NYC they're a bit more expensive though...
  2. a mystery has been solved! found out where this shirt is from!!! aussie based designers Black Book Tees: http://www.blackbooktees.com.au/ their store for the guys version is here: http://blackbooktees.bigcartel.com/product/blackbook-sneaky-pacman-crew-neck girls is: http://blackbooktees.bigcartel.com/product/another-design
  3. ahhh memories... - meeting all the amazing people that i did in line - including georgia and bee for the first time... - epic signmaking times - listening to matt doing his impersonation of the bukla - moving lines from the staff entrance to under the awning - boiling my arse off in the heat - acer arena queue cards and the anticipation of 3 more shows after sydney 1...and not knowing this was going to happen 3 days after:
  4. hmmm some of the cheap shirts have some nice designs...but there's nothing compared to the design that all saints have...you could have a look at designs on threadless...their shirts are cheap AND are designed by designers...though you have to trawl as there are HEAPS of shirts on there... i bought my hails shirt off ebay...which was cheaper than on the all saints store...but i bought the trinity shirt from all saints US store...n it was expensive...but i know how much these shirts retail for anyway...i'm going to be buying another one once payday comes around again... as for glitter suit...i'd say get a pattern for a suit and then go on a search for glittery material...try a dance/stage costume store as they may have yards of glittery material
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