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  1. Hi everyone! I designed a Drones-type shirt for us to wear to gigs in large numbers (so we can be drones), and here's your chance to get it! Currently, I have the website estimating a price for 40 orders, which comes out to $20.02 per shirt. If we can get more than that, it will be cheaper. This does not include shipping; all the shirts will ship directly to me (in Phoenix, AZ), and then I will ship them out from there. If the price does drop after you've paid, CustomInk will either apply the discount to the order or let me take a check, which I could use to pay for some of the shipping costs. But we're not anywhere near that point yet. So don't worry. I will calculate the costs once the shirts come in and I know how much each order weighs and where it's going. I won't be able to send them until people have paid for their shipping. I am not making any profit off of these shirts. Here is a link to the sizing information. If you're interested, please go to this Google doc and add your name, email/board name/some other contact info, and how many of what sizes you would like, then go to this order form to actually order them. It looks like you can add your shipping address and email in the notes of your order, but just in case, please add your info to the Google doc so I can make sure I'm keeping track of everything correctly. The order form will be open until April 19th. That should be plenty of time to get them printed, sent to me, and shipped to most people before the Europe tour starts, and definitely before the US tour. If you have any questions, you can reach me here or at horsie890@gmail.com. **Fair warning: CustomInk has a warning about copyright infringement. I'm not expecting any problems, but in case they don't like the Eurasia flag on the back or the lyrics, they will cancel it and refund everyone's money. If that happens I can change those things and re-order them if anyone would still be interested.**
  2. horsie890


    I'm done. http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/502199 Nothing to do for a week now.
  3. Blaaaaaaaaah! Guys, I'm sorry this is taking absolutely forever. I don't want to use the "I've been busy" excuse, but that's basically it. Flight school plus regular college equals brain explode. Also it's been NaNoWriMo time. I've been using the plot of this comic and Space Demented as my storyline. If you want to track my progress, here's my page. http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/502199 One of these days I'll get this all figured out and post more pages. Urgh.
  4. I AM doing NaNo this year. My Muse comic is my plotline.

  5. You can see it a little bit in those pictures. Maybe I'll take a video of it one day. XD

  6. Pretend glitteratis ftw!

  7. Hopefully the next page will be colored soon. I'm as excited as you. :D

  8. If Muse ever read either of my comics, I might die.

  9. Its niceness is largely due to my friend coloring it in Photoshop. :LOL: I'll pass along the love.

  10. Okay I think I understand now. :LOL: My shop isn't working? Sad face.

  11. Not yet, hopefully soon. I sketched the Dom one today.

  12. Aww, it's not working? What does it do?

  13. Because Dom is just great.

  14. It's okay breathe

  15. I'm going to head off to dreamland now. Hopefully there will be more shirts soon. Do you have any design requests that would be super awesome? :awesome:




  17. That might be overkill. :LOL: Chris is going to get mad at Matt again soon for not telling them about the underwater base. More glaring!

  18. Chris has made the glare face six times now. I counted. :chuckle: Not counting all the times in the stick figure comic, though, which probably would've been every panel.

  19. T-shirt design/drawing/thing is posted. :D

  20. His life is so epic.

  21. It may be a few days before I can come up with a workable tutorial. I'm also trying to draw comics, draw t-shirt designs, and attempt my homework at the same time. :LOL: I will try though!

  22. Pretty good, I started selling t-shirts of my comic. Link in the thread. :LOL: I'm considering making more designs too, one for Dom and one for Chris.

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