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    All the albums and HAARP. Oh and that DVD "Burning skies"

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  1. Por otra parte, el período de gracia ofrecido por el proveedor préstamos rápidos es una fuente de financiación . Se podría omitir la asignación de descuento y pagar al proveedor más adelante; esta práctica es una forma de prestar dinero en otro lugar que de los bancos. Si no se toma esta opción, tendrá que pagar una factura mayor, ya que el descuento sería eliminado, que es similar a decir que usted pagará intereses sobre un préstamo . Es entonces importante comparar los costos del proveedor de intereses con los bancos para ver si es razonable pedir un préstamo al proveedor. De cualquier manera, la tasa anual en el caso de retorno de la inversión o el coste de interés es la misma.

  2. Merry Holidays to you too Luna!! :kiss:

  3. HAPPY HOLIDAYS Jo :kiss:

  4. If you love Jake and/or Anne, very much yes! If not it's an okay movie. I thought it was good. A good "chick-flick" like people say.

  5. So, I take it "Love and Other Drugs" is worth the price of admission?

  6. It's a good movie and it has its funny moments. Another one I like is "I Love You, Man". Paul Rudd = RAWR!!

  7. Oh I never saw that movie. Is it good?

  8. I'm not gonna lie, I liked the frontal shot of Jason Segel in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". :chuckle:

  9. Oh cruel world! :LOL:


    But it's unfair how they're all ready to show nude women in full but there is some sort of taboo about men. Which is stupidly sexist :/

  10. Why do movies tease us by hiding the naughty bits? :LOL:

  11. Well you know those movies, they're so good at hiding treasury stuff. So I'm expecting butt shots, but frontal? I don't think so :chuckle:


    Can't wait!

  12. Since "Love and Other Drugs" is rated R, I want to see a butt shot (or some full frontal nudity). :p

  13. Pantless too.


    But we got Love And Other Drugs now, don't we! Plenty of nakedness and stuff as they keep saying. Planning to go see it this week-end, although I have to travel a bit to see it since English movies in English are getting harder and harder to find over here.

  14. He needed to be shirtless more often in "Prince Of Persia". ;)

  15. Isn't he the most beautiful creature ever? :awesome:

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