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  1. Yeah, in all seriousness, I didn't care much for the Grammy's this year until I heard this. It'd be interesting to see, at least.
  2. Yeah, but we heard most of Gaga's songs a thousand times too. I think it'll be some uber-combinaison of we've-already-heard-this-a-thousand-times: a mash-up of Feeling Good and Po-po-po-pokerface.
  3. Merry Holidays to you too Luna!! :kiss:

  4. If you love Jake and/or Anne, very much yes! If not it's an okay movie. I thought it was good. A good "chick-flick" like people say.

  5. Hey you do pretty neat stuff Mistress! I especially love that painting with the "crying" face, such a cool effect you did there. I suppose I could post a bit of artwork here. I've just finished my last portrait. Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) from Brokeback Mountain.
  6. Oh I never saw that movie. Is it good?

  7. Oh cruel world! :LOL:


    But it's unfair how they're all ready to show nude women in full but there is some sort of taboo about men. Which is stupidly sexist :/

  8. Well you know those movies, they're so good at hiding treasury stuff. So I'm expecting butt shots, but frontal? I don't think so :chuckle:


    Can't wait!

  9. Pantless too.


    But we got Love And Other Drugs now, don't we! Plenty of nakedness and stuff as they keep saying. Planning to go see it this week-end, although I have to travel a bit to see it since English movies in English are getting harder and harder to find over here.

  10. Isn't he the most beautiful creature ever? :awesome:

  11. Ionnas


    I so envy you! Congratulations!
  12. Ionnas


    The end is near. Anyone planning to finish it for real? I am. Having a real hard time though.
  13. Oh, because there's this option, it says: "signalez ou bloquez cette personne", which means "report or block this person", so I thought... But I don't know, I've never tried it.


    But it's okay, Facebook ain't that good anyhow, it's the biggest encyclopedia of humans and if it falls in the wrong hands we're all doomed.

  14. No effing way :stunned::mad: I'm really sorry to hear that... :( Did you report those people?

  15. Hey, I've noticed you disappeared on facebook? :stunned:


    Oh and 2001: A Space Odyssey is AMAZING :eek:

  16. Ionnas


    So, where you people at?
  17. Ionnas


    My profile: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/753686 5,586 words so far! Planning to not rest today until I get 6,000 minimum.
  18. Ionnas


    I'll wait for the site to calm down before going back on it... if not I'll wait until I get in a more patient mood.
  19. Ionnas


    Just started, it's going well. I'm letting my imagination run loose, it feels so liberating. I did 948 words so far. Gotta do at least 1,852 each day if I want to make it. Is anyone else having problems with the site?
  20. Ionnas


    I'm in Saw I could do it in French, so yay, I could not do it in English. This is an excellent writing exercise. My current novel in progress will not have any attention for as month but I had writer's block anyway. This will provide a fun distraction. I'm going for a totally unplanned story. I'mma start with a character and do something about life. Write like I have verbal diarrhea.
  21. Well hello there, so you want Alexis' msn? :happy:

  22. (I'm late for my comment, I was away for the week-end.) I am disappointed. The set was like exactly the same. Everything happened as it happened during Montreal. The bracelets where cool though, but that's not the group's doing Anyway, that and we had the most horrible seats ever, the row juuuust before the very very last one at the top top top. And we bought the tickets like last Spring, but it was my mum's friend, and she got us such crappy tickets. So we had a wall blocking our view when we stood up, and almost everyone around looked grumpy (because of the crappy seats, I suppose). Oh well, I had fun, I went crazy even though my disappointment, but still... I should have kept my money for another band.
  23. I'm bored and have anti-conformist urges that makes me disagree on whatever the general opinion is...
  24. Yeah I get your point. It must be that since I rarely go to any concerts, going to one makes it very special and enjoyable for me. So even having this sort of setlist makes me very happy anyway.
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