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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, I wrote a blog post about how Matt's guitar playing lit up my synaesthesia (that's a condition where my senses are crossed so I literally see music when I hear it). It inspired a ton of drawing and much of my current artwork. No other guitarist lights my vision up quite like Matt! His chaotic, distorted sound creates the most incredible twisting, crackled silver/white and occasionally yellow/gold moving shapes. That little guitar solo in the middle of Dig Down? A towering column of lightning and smoke, delicious and breathtaking. Go have a read http://bit.ly/synaesthesia_muse_blogpost There's another here about how I translate what I see in his guitar playing into hand sculpted silver jewellery. http://bit.ly/matt_bellamy_guitar_blogpost Disclaimer: I am a professional artist but the purpose of this post is NOT to sell you anything, absolutely not. I love Muse - you love Muse. I'm sharing the love because I spend so much of my day with Muse playing in my ears and they inspire my work to a huge degree <3 <3 <3 and I thought you might like to see the results Here are a few of my drawings of Matt's playing from the Glasgow show
  2. Hi guys! I basically draw doodles sometimes, and now I felt like sharing here my newest piece of art which is all about the Drones album. Nothing particular, just my impressions of each song which I tried to reflect in pictures. I tended to insert there lyrics which contain the titles of songs (which I wrote in white letters), but it couldn’t work for Aftermath and The Globalist because their titles aren’t mentioned in lyrics. So I simply put there the lines which impressed me the most... Hope you enjoy it, it's really something I do feel good about. (I rarerly feel this inspired). Dead Inside Psycho Mercy Reapers The Handler Defector Revolt Aftermath The Globalist Drones
  3. Due to a major cock-up on my behalf the Muse Art Thread as disappeared into a Supermassive Black Hole and I apologise. Â However it does mean we need a new thread, so here is the thread for you to post any artwork relating to Muse. Could be drawings, digital, paint, whatever creative pathway you endeavour to go down! Â Also if you want to post a particularly large image please use the spoiler tags [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  4. Have a look what i put yesterday on my bedroom walls. (Click on the picture to enlarge it).
  5. I was wondering what the lithographs are worth ? Rarer? Who wants to Trade? So I got >> The Handler >> Defector This thread is not for offers to buy or sell; it is only to estimate the Value of what I got. Deluxe Edition Baby!@! Can Some1 pls start a Litho Trade or Buy Thread? I'll start a bid on Ebay for 50k for my lithos.
  6. I'm just gonna copypasta the text I put on Reddit a few minutes ago here: I've been given an assignment this week to make a portrait of myself against other people in the world. I decided that since I like Muse that I would base my project on them somehow. I've come up with this idea to map the world by how people from different parts of the world use a set lyrics part of Knights of Cydonia. I choose because it always gets me really hyped when I'm out running and it's always my favorite part when it's played live too. I have a jpeg the size of an A4 below. All I ask is that you fill it in what ever way you want. Color it, take a picture of it, shred it to bits. As long as I have some sort of visual of what it looks like in the end with a mention of what country you're from. I hope to get a lot of visuals. Please just send me an imgur link or something where I can download it from. I hope you guys can help me with this, I think it can only work if a lot of people add to it tl;dr Can you make your own version of attached knights of cydonia lyrics and send it back to me or on this forum. As for the A4:http://imgur.com/EVuCdeM
  7. So I painstakingly hand crafted/baked a Muse-related cake for my friend for her birthday. Suffice to say my hands were stained with food colouring for the next few days, but it went down a treat! Thought this was a good place to get some Muse cake-art appreciation
  8. Poetry is a way to let our positive and negative feelings out, our ideals and such. In a structured way, the flow of words makes poetry an easy way to express ourselves without worrying somewone will read that and judge us. It gives us freedom, knowing that only we understand what's there. Only we have the real interpretation, but not the only true one. A poem belongs to everyone, not just to the writer. We all read poems and feel a certain way about them, even if that is not what it really says. It's still true to us. When writing a poem, no one will tell us "you can't use that word" or "that word isn't appropriate" or "you can't use curses". We decide everything, yet we are controlled by it. I invite you to read, criticize, comment and expose your poems here. I'll begin with some of mine: Forever Once I once lived a hollow love, The only thing inside was me And that just made it emptier. I once flew away from here, It was only to find out That I was falling in a well. There was a colour in my heart, Painted over a cold grey stone Made out of your lies. I once lived a hollow love, The only thing inside was me And that just made it emptier. I was hoping everything, I was waiting for you, And that was hoping for nothing. I know that I’m unfair, That’s my scar burning away And know I don’t regret it. I once lived a hollow love, The only thing inside was me And that just made it emptier. I moved past your fields Of green and blue and life, To feel the pain that shines. You once lifted my love, But now you breed my hate Because I was inside you. Now, I hope you know That I’ll be forever free. The chain you leashed on me Is now completely shattered And I forever free. Filipe Dumas, 17th November 2008 A Tree's Poem Your wind swallows our life, Your wind takes our children, Your wind takes our pets, Your wind kills everything. Your hands mutilate our life, Your hands are our pain. Your wind swallows our faces, Your wind takes our arms, Your wind takes our feet, Your wind kills everything. Your hands mutilate our life, Your hands are our pain. Your wind swallows our green, Your wind takes our breath, Your wind takes our lovers, Your wind kills everything. Your hands mutilate our life, Your hands are our pain, And our pain is your death. Filipe Dumas, 24th September 2008 Bats In Silence We want more than there is, The reason is a mirror of sounds. We're not a unit anymore. Across the world's landscapes Broken pieces of a perfect jar, We're shattered in millions. If we suffer we will not cry: The witches have no more potions, We will fly in the night. There's a feeling of doom in us, Hope has faded from our eyes, Our souls cannot go back. We have constructed this Hell On this Lord given land of Heaven, There was a lady after all... Forbidden thinking saves our death, Its lovers are dying in hunger And no one will ever care. Filipe Dumas, 29th October 2008
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