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  1. Well, I haven't actually been on the board for AGES. But I was obsessed with Muse for a good while, and I still take an interest in what they are doing, so wanted to vent my spleen. Don't worry. I'd say the same thing to Muse about an album. I'm not going to get too bothered about Muse from now on. And I shall eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day. Peace out, bros.
  2. Well, bumpypotato, if that is your real name, I didn't complain about the lack of musicality. I complained about the lack of quality. Guiding Light has a bitchin' guitar solo. I'll take that.
  3. Well, the first couple of extremely obscure Z-sides that you have listed there have been deemed by Muse themselves as not good enough to make it onto an album. And the rest of those songs I would say are in fact still better. Loads better. So aye.
  4. The 3 songs I've heard from 'The 2nd Law' are the worst songs I've heard from Muse, by a long way. Like, ACTUAL drivel. I can't understand. I'm all keen for experimentation and changing your sound, but...it's like they've regressed. Forgotten all their musical knowledge. It's like Hercules losing his strength. I mean 'This love is m-m-m-madness'...really? A poor rip-off of the Killer Queen guitar solo? REALLY?! Piss off. Geez a fucking gnarly bassline. Can't ever see myself buying this album. I've not bought a ticket for the tour, for the first time in years. I've just...gone off them. If I don't like their songs, I'm not going to pretend I'm still a Muse fan. I don't like this band. I loved the band that gave us those first 3 albums. This is now just shite. It's all Goldie Hawn's fault. Now whilst you all mourn the loss of me, I'm going to go and listen to Showbiz, OOS and Absolution, weeping in a darkened room, rubbing myself with the CD sleeves.
  5. I haven't read many posts, but I seem to have a had a completely different expreience to most folk on here. I got the bus through to Glasgow from Edinburgh and met my friend, and then we set off on the bus from Glasgow at 11am. We got into Manchester at 4pm, so queuing wasn't a possibility (I can't be arsed anyway). So we were two very lost Scots in the middle of Manchester trying to find out how to get to our hotel. Thanks to lots of very helpful people (including the nicest bus driver in the world), we managed to get a tram and a bus to our hotel. We then got changed and set off for Old Trafford. Fortunately, our tram was so far out of town that we had it to ourselves most of the way untill Piccadilly. When we got to Old Trafford we gorged down a burger and some chips and went in just as Editors were coming on. We were pretty near the front...ish. Obviously, we hadn't queued so weren't going to be at the barrier or anything, but we were pretty far forward. Editors were meh, but it was ok because of the smell of pot everywhere So we chilled for half an hour, getting very excited. When they came on, me and my pal went ape shit. But nobody around us seemed to. Then they launched into Uprising, I gave a giddy scream and started going a bit mental, jumping up and down. But again, nobody around me seemed to. They just kind of nodded their heads. Perplexed, I carried on with gusto anyway. I had travelled for hours and hunners of miles, so I was going to have as good a time as possible. This was the general feeling for the first few songs, so me and my pal decided to move a bit further forward. We got a good 10-15 metres or something closer, but the crowd were still all damp squibs. Marginally more exciting, clapping along to songs etc, but me and my pal were just like 'Fuck it, we will dance about anyway'. As for Muse themselves, they were fucking incredible, but you will all know that. For the fourth time I've seen them, this was the best they've been, hands down. When they started playing Butterflies and Hurricanes, and Citizen Erased, I just about shat my pants. The podium for the jam, UD and Take a Bow was just amazing. Matt's suit and shades....fabulous, haha. It was just fucking insanely good. Shame about the crowd though. Even as far forward as we were, they didn't get remotely going untill Plug in Baby. I have read people saying they were getting crushed etc, but I can only assume that is because you all queued and were RIGHT at the front. My first experience of an English crowd was dissapointing. I was probably about the same distance back when I went to TITP a couple of years ago to see RATM, and I was trapped in a mosh pit of burley men that time. I just couldn't believe how boring everyone around me was being. Just kind of nodding their heads or clapping their hands. Fortunately, my friend and I are just goofy enough to not care, and also safe in the knowledge we wouldn't know a soul, so danced around like loons and had the time of our lives regardless. It was my friends first Muse gig, and she said 'It was the most awe-inspiring, epic thing I've ever seen in my life'. Good review, I reckon. For me (a veteran, pah!), it was the best I've ever seen them. Stunning. And the best setlist, too. Maybe disspointing that Bliss or Space Dementia and anything from Showbiz didn't get played, but we got CE and B&H to make up for it. Just can't get over how shit and un-enthused the crowd were. Getting home wasn't too bad for us, to be honest. Through expreience at packed gigs and football matches etc before, I knew we had to be fleet of foot and not take any prisoners getting through the crowds. As soon as KoC finished, I grabbed my friends hand and started for the gate. We managed to worm our way through pretty successfully, and only really got into queues just at the gate itself, and the epic one waiting for a tram. I think we got our tram at about 11pm. Had time to go and get some munch from the Spar at Piccadilly Gardens (incidentally, the biggest Spar I have ever seen in my puff), and got our tram towards Bury without too much trouble. We had an epic walk to look forward to back to our hotel, as buses weren't running, but happened upon a taxi, again, with a really friendly driver. Nice bus drivers and kindly taxi drivers just do not happen in Edinburgh, we were bowled over by how nice everyone was. So all in all, a fabby day. Cracking gig, best I've seen. Just a pity about the crowd. Oh well, we had a blast anyway!!
  6. That's what I mean, musically, it is gash. It sounds nice and all, but it's overwhemingly basic. Maybe I should make this more clear when I rant in my posts I was expecting a lot better, tbh. The 'orchestral' elements they had done before were so promising that I expected this to be better, if anything. I mean, B&H, Megalomania, Ruled By Secrecy, even City of Delusion, Blackout or Hoodoo indicate that Matt is very capable at composing cool stuff in the same vein, so I was really dissapointed. I know he's not exactly Ludwig Van, but still.
  7. Exogenesis is pretty shit. I wish people would realise this. I'm not saying don't like it, fap over it as much as you want, but it is not a masterpiece, as many make it out to be. It is fucking backwards.
  8. You know what bugs me? The chorus in Undisclosed Desires. I know that isn't on BHAr, lulz, but this just reminded me. The chorus is good, don't get me wrong, but the last rendition of it could just be....more, IMO. There needs to be just PHWOAR synth, pwoper heavy backing vocals (they are great but too quiet), and just OOMPH bass. If there was a re-recording of it, with these amendments to the final rendition of the chorus, I would love it a lot more. Anyone else with me?
  9. That's one luxurious pad right there.

  10. Hold the phone....Callisto? As in...crazy Psycho Barbie? Please tell me you like Xena :LOL:

  11. I have been texting a bunch of people who were there and they all said it was fucking ace *shrug*
  12. I loved that That was fucking intense. The coverage was ludicrous, I was just getting angry at Calvin Harris and found myself shouting at Edith and Reggie The best bits of the (mediocre) coverage were the Maggie's Farm riff, the end of Newborn, playing Interlude and the end of SMBH were fucking brilliant. I've been getting constant text updates from all my mates that are there I can't wait to watch more highlights asap.
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