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1 . New Born

2 . Map Of The Problematique

3 . Sing For Absolution

4 . Hysteria

5 . Knights Of Cydonia

6 . Eternally Missed

7 . Dead Star

8 . Bliss

9. Muscle Museum

10. Time Is Running Out


Geez, Hard!

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Ok so for today's mood my favorite 10 is :)


Stockholm Syndome


Hyper Music

Space Dementia


Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

Supermassive Black Hole

Citizen Erased


Plug in Baby


Oh, almost all the heavy songs. That shows im in a good mood right ? :D

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ah... too hard to decide, there are so many different styles which i feel like listening sometimes but not others, so i'm not putting them in order


The small print

Thoughts of a dying atheist

The groove !!

Space dementia (live)

Citizen erased (live)


Shrinking universe

plug in baby

Hyper Chondriac music

nature 1

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Hmm this is a really hard one, coz they're all so wicked but if i could narrow it down to 10 songs, i think it would go kinda like this (1st song being higher rated than 10th song) :-


1. Plug In Baby

2. Map Of The Problematique

3. In Your World

4. Dark Shines

5. Knights Of Cydonia

6. Sunburn

7. Hysteria

8. Bliss

9. Feeling Good

10. Stockholm Syndrome


But I'm sure it's always changing coz there's no way i could limit Muse down to 10 songs! :D

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You do realise this is Impossible?




10.The Groove

9.Hyper Chondriac Music (who agrees this is their only ever "down" song?)

8.Fury/Knights of Cydonia

7.Soldiers Poem




3.Dark Shines

2.New Born

1.Space Dementia


In no particular order. I think it changes every day. I love them all. It's interesting how much people dig the B-sides.

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I couldn't decide because personally I think most of them are brilliant so I just chose the highest number of plays in my itunes...


10:Muscle Museum

9:Knights Of Cydonia

8:New Born


6:Map Of The Promblematique

5:Time Is Running Out

4:Plug In Baby

3:Supermassive Black HoleTime




But I love lots of them equally :( so I couldn't put them all here.

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