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    6/18/2017 - Dover, DE
    12/9/2018 - Chicago, IL
  1. After some Ticketmaster delays, I was able to snag some decent seats through the app. Enjoyed their set Sunday evening, and looking forward to their full tour starting!
  2. I'm going, and can't wait to see them at such a small venue once again! I thought it would be only arenas and festivals from now on..
  3. i've been away from the boards for a while, and coming on and seeing this as the top topic made me laugh a bit. AM are ok, but seriously...
  4. i absolutely love this song. just one of those songs that puts you in a good mood, ya know? great song.
  5. Hell yes, cant wait to see em live again
  6. Not as good as KoC, but a tad better than SBH for me. I cant wait to hear both this and KoC recorded though....
  7. just downloaded it, fucking amazing. glad to see they are still making kickass music.
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