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  1. Yeah I know he uses MP-8 on stage, I didn't want that (dunno why, though) so bought another Kawai
  2. I sold my old piano which was crap, and bought a Kawai K5 because Matt uses Kawai Need to change my keyboard too, but dunno when I'll do that
  3. Audioslave - Cochise would be great imo.
  4. Album B&H doesn't have any guitars (except bass of course). What is said on wiki is that the song starts with a Rhodes Piano and continues with a Steinway&Sons Grand Piano... When played live, only the solo part is played on piano and the rest played bu e.guitar. At least this is what I know, maybe I'm wrong, dunno
  5. Well, TOADA and then "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want"
  6. hahaha this one made me lol
  7. It changes a lot for me. Nowadays it's Micro Cuts, SFA, Blackout. But I don't know what will happen tomorrow
  8. Spc.Dmnt


    I have a youtube video playing it with hands not arppegiator (dunno how to write it sorry )
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