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  1. could anyone please tell me is this worth listening to band linky-signature. down there 1- crappy recordings 2-punk vocals(my thing) but i can hit all the belamys notes)) its just that my timbre(or tone... im not much of a musician) sucks so i dont do much muse stuff. 3-these are the older versions, and new ones, recorded just now are gonna be uploaded soon
  2. anyone wants to go to a battle of teh bands-type of thing? it is gonna take plase at the Knitting Factory in NY, so it should be fuckin awesome. tix are 15$ but there are more than 20 bands doing their stuff. November 15th PM me if you are interested. it should be great
  3. do any of you have any sort of a combined list of settings for all of the muse songs? i just really want to play around with it but i need some of the settings for the muse songs we play any help would be appregiated ps i already have a list of most settings from a board that i cant recall
  4. Mental Euphoria 3 members 4 demos approximately 200 gramms of brains total 6 balls fuck yeah ability to make weird introductions anyway http://www.unsigned.com/mentaleuphoria
  5. Поднажмём! здрасть. забыл представиться
  6. New Born Citizen Erased Hysteria Dead Star Knights of cydonia SMBH map of the problematique Time is Running Out Apocalypse Please Take a Bow Plug in Baby Assassin Bliss Stockholm Syndrome and many more that i cant remember... list of 10... fuck that
  7. i heard newborn about 4-5 years ago.. when some guy in my school put it on, and then played it on guitar.... thought it was quite cool. so i bought a guitar and learning every single mUse song
  8. did you just try to post results of the football match?
  9. That's what i was trying to say.. Anywyay muse are far more interesting than any of those one-time bands.. They do music not just that noise with all kinds of stupid emo words in it
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