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  1. This is a strange album. I certainly like it more than I thought I would. It never dips as low as Drones (the back half of which is damn near unlistenable), but it never made me as happy as The Handler did either. I quite like the 80's pastiche sounds, but then again the best songs sound better in their stripped-down alternate versions. Eh. The Void is really good. Get Up and Fight is ass.
  2. Not a terribly compelling argument but a strong theme.
  3. Looking back, this was like a turning point in Muse fandom for me. I was obsessed with all 4 demos, particularly Burning Bandits. I listened to it all the time, it was going to be my favourite Muse track ever as soon as a studio version came out. The shift the band took between that and Exo-Politics was the beginning of the end for me.
  4. Henz

    Dig Down

    Utter, utter, utter trash. Holy shit. They've been bad before, but this is a new low of lazy and boring.
  5. I'm gonna steal your stolen list and added bit. Nailed it. Hard to find 3 weak tracks in a row for OOS, Abso and BHAR, all too easy for Drones.
  6. Yeah! Considering the age difference, it sounds pretty organic. I'm playing the shit out of this playlist atm
  7. Wanted to pad out the good stuff from Drones into an album length playlist. Liking this atm: The Groove Dead Inside Drill Sergeant Psycho Fury Reapers Crying Shame Mercy Eternally Missed The Handler Glorious The Globalist Still carries the theme of lonliness and indoctrination, though it's admittedly less coherent. The added references to god works unexpectedly well.
  8. Posted the above singles on ebay at a dramatically reduced price. Pick up some bargains http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/henez89
  9. Yeah the instrumental is better. Song should have more pay-off too tbh.
  10. *ahem* You could always buy the CDs from a friendly fellow board member *ahem wink wink nudge nudge*
  11. These are gonna hit ebay in a week or so, don't make me do it 'Showbiz' Complete set of CD singles + US releases of Muscle Museum £30+post 'Origin Of Symmetry' Complete set of CD singles + Dead Star/In Your World £30+post 'Absolution' Complete set of CD/DVD singles + Time Is Running Out Vinyl £30+post 'Black Holes & Revelations' Complete set of CD/DVD singles + Knights Of Cydonia Vinyl £30+post If someone wants the lot, they can have it for £100. Will post anywhere.
  12. Exo-Politics. Make it sound like the live beast it was before they butchered it for BH&R
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