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  1. hahha I love it when someone actually tells someone not to post on a thread they created, such beautiful arrogance
  2. my god I'm tempted to get involved, it would just get boring though, then a year later he'd create an account to mimic mine and then post normal pictures of me cause they're 'well funneh', been done before, well bored
  3. HAHA! seriousley! thankyou so much! you've just changed my view by flawing my plan! It's no so much if they are digital, it modeling synths I don't like! ie the microkorg that was my version of digital but everything seems a bit more reasonable now!
  4. I've used one, what I prefer is digital uses such as Arps with analog LFOS, Occilators and Effects circuits .... but you can't beat a good arp and Haze, you know I've been on one cause we went to Turnkey and played around on the Moogs before Muse
  5. I'm so happy you added the 'for some retarded reason' bit
  6. really? ew grainable synths, why is it so hard to get a modern analogue synth?
  7. I've skipped through this and I can't see that anyone has realised that it's a Nord Lead 2 making the arpeggiated intro.... Morgan uses it, or have you already found this out?
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