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  1. I wouldn't recommend the Korg pitch black, it's the only tuner on the market that is a few cents of A 440Hz/Concert pitch. So it's never exactly precise. Will still always stand by Boss TU-2
  2. Wow, you sure get awful feisty about something that makes no difference or impact to anyones life whatsoever. As said before the title of this thread is 'Your Perfect Muse Setlist'. Pretty sure the keyword here is your. So back off and let people make their perfect setlists. Last time I checked you can't classify someone as retarded for having a song in a certain place either
  3. Take A Bow Map Of The Problamatique The Small Print Unnatural Selection City Of Delusion MK Ultra Butterflies And Hurricanes Citizen Erased Apocalypse Please Megalomania Space Dementia Hysteria Assassin (Ext.) Hate This And I'll Love You Muscle Museum New Born ------ Micro Cuts Dead Star Uprising Stockholm Syndrome ------- Blackout Showbiz Knights Of Cydonia
  4. Caman

    Muse at T in the Park

    Nice to see Maggies Farm back. Also the stage looks weird with only one set of heaxagons
  5. 1. Take A Bow 2. MK Ultra 3. Supermassive Black Hole 4. Map Of The Problamatique + Maggies Farm Outro 5. Butterflies and Hurricanes 6. Showbiz 7. Forced In 8. Hysteria 9. Citizen Erased + Collateral Damage Outro 10. Ruled By Secrecy 11. Space Dementia 12. Sunburn 13. New Born + Microphone Fiend Outro 14. Uprising (Riff Outro) 15. Bliss (Extended) + Balloons 16. Fury 17. Plug In Baby 18. Close Encounters Intro + Knights Of Cydonia + Space Dementia Outro ------------------ 19. Intro + Apocalypse Please 20. Muscle Museum 21. Assassin (Debase Masons Grog) 22. Micro Cuts ------------------ 23. Blackout 24. Dead Star 25. Stockholm Syndrome + Every Riff Also, Ganon319 I can't imagine Muse covering Oh Comely ever, and I really hope they never do. It would be the death of such an amazing song. The only two people who can cover it are Jesse Lacey and Kevin Devine. It's a very odd dream you have.
  6. It's good, still getting used to it, but already incorporated it into quite a few songs! Got some really nice functions, harmonics sounds awesome on it with the octaves. But yea, worth the money! Having great fun with it, just need the patience to fully understand it!
  7. If I was to get a fuzz probe in America would I need to get a power adaptor when I got back to the UK? Or would it be fine on a DC brick?
  8. Hey, Thanks, naa don't worry it's cool! haha If you go to our myspace Here Then you can download some tracks
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