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  1. Oh btw, I'm the lead guitarist in a heavy metal band called Sons Of Exile. Here's our myspace if you want to check us out: http://myspace.com/sonsofexile I still think Muse should go back to there OOS days... BHAR's popiness just took it one step too far, and for me personally, it's BY FAR there weakest album to date.
  2. Seriously, you're an Idiot... Machine Head's latest Album (The Blackening) is a masterpiece... Yeah, honestly even I wouldn't want them to go completley Metal. I guess what I would like is they went back to there Origin Of Symmetry days, but maybe just a tad bit heavier. Matt should learn how to play Guitar a bit better too, like us guitar god Metalheads.
  3. *bump* Lol... Anyone else out there think they should go Metal?
  4. Yeah, I think Chris is a closet Metalhead stuck in a mainstream pop band.
  5. lol maybe this will give you a better idea of what I'm talking about. I am so bad at using paint lol.
  6. They should all grow really long hair, big beards and play heavy kickass music. Forget all that synth pop rubbish, give us some METAL MATT! Anyone else agree?
  7. That was possibley one of the worst songs I've ever heard. I can see why matt was emberassed of it now. How that got to number 1 I don't know. And yes it does sound like Dreaming Of A White Christmas, and no, apart from the spacey noises at the start and end it sounds nothing like Knights Of Cydonia.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/group/muse mwuah! check it out.
  9. SFA is definately the most hair standing spine tingeling song. Especially the last chorus.
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