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    Am I the only normal person here?
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  1. Well, I haven't actually been on the board for AGES. But I was obsessed with Muse for a good while, and I still take an interest in what they are doing, so wanted to vent my spleen. Don't worry. I'd say the same thing to Muse about an album. I'm not going to get too bothered about Muse from now on. And I shall eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day. Peace out, bros.
  2. Pal, it was a joke. Cool yer jets. It's cool. We're all cool. Geez a cuddle.
  3. Well, bumpypotato, if that is your real name, I didn't complain about the lack of musicality. I complained about the lack of quality. Guiding Light has a bitchin' guitar solo. I'll take that.
  4. Well, the first couple of extremely obscure Z-sides that you have listed there have been deemed by Muse themselves as not good enough to make it onto an album. And the rest of those songs I would say are in fact still better. Loads better. So aye.
  5. My degree in music and the fact I am a music teacher would beg to differ
  6. The 3 songs I've heard from 'The 2nd Law' are the worst songs I've heard from Muse, by a long way. Like, ACTUAL drivel. I can't understand. I'm all keen for experimentation and changing your sound, but...it's like they've regressed. Forgotten all their musical knowledge. It's like Hercules losing his strength. I mean 'This love is m-m-m-madness'...really? A poor rip-off of the Killer Queen guitar solo? REALLY?! Piss off. Geez a fucking gnarly bassline. Can't ever see myself buying this album. I've not bought a ticket for the tour, for the first time in years. I've just...gone off them. If I don't like their songs, I'm not going to pretend I'm still a Muse fan. I don't like this band. I loved the band that gave us those first 3 albums. This is now just shite. It's all Goldie Hawn's fault. Now whilst you all mourn the loss of me, I'm going to go and listen to Showbiz, OOS and Absolution, weeping in a darkened room, rubbing myself with the CD sleeves.
  7. not crazy psycho barbie but I do like Xena :)

  8. That's one luxurious pad right there.

  9. You'll be the proud owner of this in 4 years time if they qualify



    I'm sure you can settle down nicely in it.

  10. Hold the phone....Callisto? As in...crazy Psycho Barbie? Please tell me you like Xena :LOL:

  11. Haha, that's FOOOOOOIIIINE!!

  12. I'm friend-requesting you for shared Hanna love and hopes of plot development discussion in the future, I hope that's okay.

  13. Wait, I think I tried to add you as a friend when I already have. My bad. I don't want to get your contact details and stalk you. *poke*

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