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Oooooh this is tough.....ummm....ahhhh


1. Fury

2. Hysteria

3. Butterflies and Hurricanes

4. Cave

5. Dead Star

6. Citizen erased

7. Supermassive Blackhole

8. Map of the Problematique

9. In Your World



Not that I like Supermassive Blackhole any less than Fury, and as I write this I keep changing my mind - I love far too many songs to only pick 10....I mean really!!! How's a girl to choose :sapphire:

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Correct me if i'm wrong but you can totally tell peoples sex just from their choices. Girls dig the ones where it's romantic sounding and they can imagine matt's singing about them. Or maybe that's just me.....:$


You think that do you.....Mwahahaha, well stand up and be corrected young man:p (well at least I hope so - although if Matt sung about me, or to me for that matter, I'm sure everyone would just get confused, including yours truly:D

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shit this is difficult :(

i totally cant put them in order, it's torture trying to decide which ones i like more.


time is running out

supermassive black hole


knights of cydonia

take a bow



new born

stockholm syndrome

map of problematique

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1. Glorious

2. Bliss

3. The Groove

4. Hysteria

5. Stockholm Syndrome

6. Assassin

7. Unintended

8. Eternally Missed

9. Supermassive Black Hole

10. Invincible/Megolamania/Sing for absolution (I can't choose)


very difficult..:(


omg, I forgot butterflies and hurricanes.. well that's supposed to be around no.1 in my list actually

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You will have to excuse me, I haven't heard Showbiz yet *ducks rotten tomatoes* :D but i'm getting it on Tuesday!


1. Butterflies and Hurricanes

2. Citizen Erased

3. The Small Print

4. Knights of Cydonia

5. City of Delusion

6. Apocalypse Please

7. Starlight

8. Stockholm Syndrome

9. Falling Away With You

10. Take a Bow

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1. Stockholm Syndrome

2. Hysteria

3. Plug In Baby/Hyper Music

4. Knights Of Cydonia

5. Ashamed

6. Map Of The Problematique

7. Time Is Running Out

8. Sunburn

9. Yes Please

10. Bliss


Others would be Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole, Assassin, Exo-Politics, Apocalypse Please, Butterflies & Hurricanes, The Small Print, Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist, New Born, Space Dementia, Citizen Erased, Micro Cuts, Feeling Good, Muscle Museum, Fillip, Cave, Showbiz, Uno - to name but a few. I actually love most Muse material. The above I can easily listen to any time though. Their my fave live band without a doubt :happy:

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Yay, another pointless list that nobody is interested in!


1. Dead Star

2. City of Delusion

3. Citizen Erased

4. Assassin (extended)

5. Eternally Missed

6. Take a Bow

7. Showbiz

8. Hoodoo

9. Micro Cuts

10. Knights of Cydonia


Fury, Ruled By Secrecy and Endlessly deserve a mention, too.

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