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  1. You may like the warm ocean breeze but I'm all about that frigid lake breeze. I look forward to that moment when I'll get off the Green Line. The lingering smell of urine turns into the frigid breeze and a slight smell of what seems to be a hint of vinegar. I ease my worries at a local watering hole. I wake up the next morning forgetting I even saw Muse at the United Center. Sincerely, the Chicago Experience.
  2. My suggestion? Try contacting anyone and everyone that works at the United Center: http://www.unitedcenter.com/ContactUs.asp Another would be stopping by the box office in person before Monday. You annoy enough people and you'll get what you want.
  3. If you all are worried about Will Call tickets I will trade my 300 level tickets straight up and you can have the tickets before that Monday. Seems reasonable. As for parking, there are lots on Madison that probably cost $20-30. I would just pay that because venturing off in that area can get you into some bad neighborhoods. Traffic is pretty congested post-show.
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  5. I think of you every time I see tornado news on TV. :(

  6. Boom goes the dynamite

  7. DJ Stay

    Muse Chicago 3-12-10

    Anyone interested in a single ticket let me know (Section 111, row 4). People just can't seem to make commitments so I'm stuck with a ticket. I'll accept offers anywhere from free to the normal price.
  8. DJ Stay

    Muse Chicago 3-12-10

    There is a secret tunnel that goes from the United Center to the Holiday Inn. I thought this was common sense. If the Bulls win the NBA championship there, how do you think they avoid the riots outside? Latin Kings or Vice Lords, there are no worries. I've got good connections.
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