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  1. ok.. my idea was good for some, but bad for others.. i started to listen to muse in 2000, and adore in 2001 (when they released OOS).. most of the guys that came here to criticize are starlight`s fans or time is running out/sing for absolution`s fans.. when i made this topic, i thought it was a good idea cause in my opinion jackson - muse are compatible.. you don`t know michael cause you`r not from that generation. i never listened to pop music and i`not a michael fan, but i can see that he was an big artist, unlike the bands from nowadays that have one single and, in one month, they`re forgotten.. michael`ll not be forgotten like the kids `s bands you listen.. respect the others if you want to be respected, you kids.. and go listen your new pop/ hip-hop/ numetal and emo stuff... now you can close the topic if you want .
  2. hey dudes.. my suggestion wasn`t muse to play, dance or sing like MJ.. just to do a version with their style.. just imagine "leave me alone" with matt`s voice and their peculiar rock style.. and "imagine all the people" .. well... i sucked anyway...boo 4 me... radiohead,lol
  3. what about muse to tribute the king of pop music? what do you think? what are the songs you would like to heard muse`s version? my suggestions: - leave me alone - earth song - remember the time - ghosts - they don`t care about us - beat it - Stranger in Moscow - black or white
  4. unintended blackout ruled by secrecy soldier`s poem falling down nishe i got a feeling that is missing some songs.. but whatever, you got it that songs r soooooo heavy that i wanna kick some asses XD
  6. because we wanted a song and not a guy speaking nonsense... it could be a secret b-side and it makes me ANGRY!!! :mad: (super sayan transformation)
  7. well.. it depends of your intentions. if you want to slow down listen to unintended, falling down, blackout............ but you wanna break someones face listen to assassin ok, but if you`re VERY angry forget muse and listen to cannibal corpse or something like that :/ ok, seriously.. songs of muse that feed anger: showbiz microcuts dead star stockholm syndrome the small print
  8. My saddest muse songs: - sing for absolution - unintended - eternaly missed - hyper chondriac musica - megalomania - the end of citizen erased - falling away with you - thoughts of a dying atheist - showbiz.. i don`t know why..
  9. hello.. ppl... WAZZA??? tipo, xego aki e deparo-m cm o thread portugues blokeado...leio a mensagem d kev e entro nxte novo... entretanto alguem n inicio diz k houve por ai alguma birra... k s passou cm kem e porke? tou cm preguiça e n tenho tempo nenhum pra ver isso agr... please..rxp
  10. eternally missed, apocalypse please, hoodoo, stockholm syndrome....MUSCLE MUSEUM DIFFERENT TAKE!!!... i don`t now, i like them all ... ... ... ... piano thing???? XD
  11. BOHEMIAN RAPHSODY Â maybe "love kills" would be great with an instrumental like "take a bow"
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