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    Austin City Limits 9/15/07
  1. hopefully it wil be! :happy::D..i see u lurkin agen! XD! hav fun!

  2. that's awesome! I wish I could go to v festival. I bet its going to be amazing.

  3. no i havent..:( but am seein them a v festival..ma first time yay :D

    wow uv bin a fan for a while...me since bhr..me is a noob..:LOL: but i kinda hav everything..:chuckle

    dam wish i could hav gone then..looked good. on you tube..you tube does suck though..compared to the reall thing..hee hee

  4. Yeah I went to see them at the Austin City Limits Festival, it was amazing. I have been a fan of muse since Origin of Symmetry and it was my first time seeing them live. It was definitely the best gig I have been to. Have you seen them live?

  5. :cool: then i wish i had ur weather, england in weather..not hot..:noey:!! awesome, did u see muse in austin then, i watched tht gig on you tube..its brillaint..!! :LOL:
  6. Thanks!

    Its nice to meet you Pearl.

    Yeah Austin is a pretty cool city although Texas gets really hot in the summer.

  7. :cool: well the weathers not brilliant..:LOL:

    wow thts a nice name..never heard of it before!! :happy: nice to meet ya then!! austin texas..never bin there maybe i mite go there one day..when am older!!..

    o am pearl!! :)

  8. :LOL: am from england, north west and you? whats ya name btw?:happy:

    :cool:.hee hee u should post there!! :p:LOL: always more fun!! so when i c u il say hi! ;)

  9. Hi

    Yeah I usually just lurk in there.

    Thanks! so were are you from?

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