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From her Facebook...


Mon Coeur S'ouvre a ta Voix

Today at 03:41


I am totally obsessed with the new MUSE cd.

Everytime I listen to it I feel like I am riding this mad wave of euphoria.....and I am sort of overtaken with the overwhelming desire to sing along really REALLY loudly or burst into tears.

It's not really a rock record or even a progressive rock record or even a modern Opera but it seeps and sprawls all over me and I recognize my own human experience in it:

When I am at my most vulnerable and when I am at my most rageful

my most indignant

my most humane

my most cruel

and my most beautiful

and poetic

and romantic


DO you think if I met him, Mat Bellamy might love me back?

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I love it when musicians let their guard (or hair) down and reveal their feelings like this. I'm a big XTC fan going way back, and I remember when Suzanne Vega said something along the lines of her and her band all being totally obsessed with XTC's Oranges and Lemons, and not being able to stop listening to it. (Who would'a thunk it?)


I wonder if this sort of personal recommendation is very unusual for Ms. Manson, or if she's frequently touting her favorite new musical discovery of the moment. (Regardless, she sounds very profoundly moved by this one, though.)


As for "Mat" loving you back, Shirley, all I can suggest is that you wear your finest "cherry lips" and see what happens... as Matt has said, he's rather suggestible and easily led... He also loves aggressive female singers! :D

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