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  1. i see, im just going to keep waiting until someone puts it on google images :)

  2. I scanned it from the album booklet. :)

  3. Hey :D where did you get the exogenesis artwork for your profile picture? I really want it but cannot find it anywhere online!

  4. Thx for the friend request!

  5. Yep, and I'm still laughing right now.

  6. Did you laugh so much that you fell off your chair?

  7. Yeah, I never met anyone who is funnier than you. ;p

  8. Am I the the funniest person in the world?

  9. lol now I got the joke. :D

  10. Ha my last message was a joke about your username, Eurasian sounds like 'you're asian', so I replied - Yeah that's right I am Asian!


    Yeah Eurasian is such a cool mix, Eurasian babies are so cute! :awesome:

  11. i'm half-asian. my mom is asian and my dad is european ;D

  12. Eurasian? Yeah that's right I am Asian!

  13. Yeah same, I'm hoping now that Shirley's silly Terminator shows been cancelled she'll want to start recording with the band again:) From what ive read, it seems promising...

  14. Yep she is definitely God! :)

    I hope Garbage will release a new album someday..

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