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    Anne Rice, Dan Brown, Jodie Piccult, Stephen King, Irvine Welsh, Philip K Dick and Augusten Burroughs are my favorite authors. I love reading when I have the time.
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  1. Last night was really fantastic! Loved loved loved the set up and the crowd was great! New songs really do work quite well live, odd to see Matt without a guitar for some songs though! Bliss yay yay
  2. Happy Birthday! :party:

  3. Happy Birthday Nadia :party:

  4. Oh jeez, I am so terribly sorry for this incredibly late reply :(. Uni and life and everything has kept me really busy for the last few months but I'm on holidays now! :D


    So how's uni been for you? 2011 treating you well?

  5. Adelaides been pretty much normal actually, we had a big of rain over the last week but we seem to be unaffected by everything! Thats good it's not too bad, I know it's horrible, so many people :(


    I start on the 28th too! And yeah I have orientation this week, but there was a nursing/midwifery specific one last week so I ceebz with this one! Ohhh tell me about it, the enrollment was sooo confusing! Thats awesomeee, I've finished everything too! I get thurs and fri off, but I just had to leave it free for clinical placement in the middle and end of the year! Are you excited for uni? :D Orientations good though, it calms your nerves a bit (well for me)!


    Thank you :happy: I know, I know, It's been a while :LOL: Me too, I love seeing the yr 12 statuses on facebook this year I like laugh on the computer :chuckle:


    :LOL: I've seen a couple of bad ones on the net, but haven't met anyone with anything wrong (like I would know anyway :chuckle)


    :yesey: it'll be awesome!


    You're very welcome :awesome: did you have a good day/night? Get any good presents? :D

  6. Haha, yep keeping busy. That's good to hear. How's the crazy weather been over in Adelaide? Melbourne's been alright despite some minor flooding, gotta feel bad for the Queenslanders though.:(


    Huh really?! So when does uni start for you? I actually have orientation next week and then start properly the week after on the 28th. Ahhhh uni admin stuff has been hell annoying, waiting on hold for about half an hour, computer enrollment stuff not working - honestly why do they have to make it so complicated!:mad: But now after I've finished everything it feels good, I've done my timetabling and everything so that I even get Fridays off everyweek:dance:! How about you? How's all your uni enrollment stuff and everything going?


    Hey that's awesome, congratulations!! :D. And thanks, I'm really happy about it too. Haha, yeah that feels like ages away now doesn't it! :LOL: So glad that's over though. Now we can just laugh at everyone doing year 12 this year:p.


    Haha, no I guess you couldn't! Makes me think about all the Asian calligraphy tattoos I've seen and wondering what they really say:chuckle:


    That's good to hear. Yep I reckon it will be as well, the start of a new era!!


    Aww shucks, thank you very much Nadia!! It's been a while coming but it's finally here!!:party::dance:

  7. Herro, that's pretty much the same for me ahaha, sounds like things are good at the moment! I am thank you :happy:


    Wow you're enrollment started heaps before mine, the first time I actually have to go to the uni is next week! How is everything going with all your uni stuff anyways? When do you start?


    Damn, that sounds pretty aggravating, stupid teachers aha Yes true that :D Yes I got first preference, Nursing at flinders :happy: Yayyyyy! Congrats! :dance: jesus I remember when we where talking on here about starting year 12 :LOL:


    :chuckle: that would be pretty funny, I guess you couldn't trust them for getting tattoos in different languages then! ahah


    Eeek I know, it feels like so long ago, so long until they come again :(


    That's good then! Mine was actually really, really great thanks! Yess I think it'll be a good one! :D


    Ohhh and HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!! :dance::party::awesome:

    18 finally! Hope you have a good one! :D

  8. Hi there! Wow it's been like a couple of weeks since I've last been on here - been really busy with new years stuff/uni/driving lessons/other things. I hope you are well.


    Yep! Enrolment starts on Monday so I'm pretty excited that I'll meet a whole bunch of new people.


    Ahh wow that sucks:(! Similar thing happened to me, submitted a practice essay for English that my teacher said was really good, so I pretty much memorise it for the exam because it was a similar topic. When I got my exam marks back, apparently my essay was terrible:stunned::mad:. Ahhh well high school is in the past now:p:D. Hey so how did your offers go? Did you get into the course you wanted? SO happy I got into my first preference:dance:


    Haha sounds good. Translators are very unreliable I've found! Sometimes I wonder if the people who make translators purposely translate a certain phrase into something stupid in order the get the person in trouble:LOL:.


    Ahhhh wow it's been over a month since Muse played:sad:! I should probably stop looking over the my photos over those amazing nights. sigh...


    Thanks! Christmas was good, caught up with relatives and stuff. Thank you, new year's was great, how was yours? Here's hoping for an amazing 2011:yesey::thumbsup:

  9. Yeah that's it! And meeting new people, new experiences and routines etc! aha it shall be awesome! :happy:


    Yeah it's a bit stupid, tourism in particular, got my major checked 4 times 2 different teachers, and I got decent marks for my other shit, don't know what brought my grade down :confused: That sucks, bloody teachers ha! Thanks heaps, same too you! :D


    Aha yeah that's what I was thinking, probably do a Contiki tour or something! :LOL: yeah you can never be sure with translators ahah! Yeah for sure, will be a good experience anywhere.


    Me tooo, definitely the highlight! Wow I didn't know you where going the 15th too! that would have been amazing! :D I know it sucks, so long away :(


    Thank you I had a heaps good day, same too you! Did you have a good day? :xmas: and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :party::dance: Have a good one? :D

  10. Yeah same here, kinda excited about it already and the fact that I'll be learning stuff that I actually want to makes it all the more better!:D


    Thanks:). Ah I hate that feeling, scaling just sucks in general and the same thing about the teacher falsely getting your hopes up happened to me in accounting this year:rolleyes:. Ah well. Hey that's fantastic, congradulations!! That's really all you can ever hope for so that's fantastic! All the best to you next year;).


    Umm not that many people spoke English for the majority of the trip although I did find some who did in Shanghai which was good. Haha yes it probably would have been better to travel with someone who knew the language! :chuckle:. I bought one of those electronic translators but even that got me into trouble sometimes :LOL:. Ahh yeah money is always the issue, hope you get to go though, no matter where it's usually always a great experience.


    I'm just so happy they played it!!:happy:. Ah yes!! So many great moments from that night! Oohh lucky, I had seats on the 14th but got standing for the 15th - few rows back from barrier:D. Coming down from it all now though and realising I won't see them again for another couple of years :(.


    Oh cool, that's awesome! Sounds like it was a great birthday. Yep counting down the days:p.


    In case I don't come on before then, hope you have a Merry Christmas!!:xmas:. Hope you have a really good day!

  11. Pretty sure invincible hasn't been played for yonks.... TIRO, Hysteria and Starlight are still really good to sing along too, even if they're not fan favorites these days, and everybody jumping in the chorus to TIRO has been one of my favorite parts of the shows I've been too IMO. They need to have their popular songs, extending the set list is the only way to keep everyone happy, and it isn't that hard (not that I'm complaining, Melbourne was amazing).
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