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I was very pleasantly surprised. I actually like its preview quite a bit more than some of the other songs.


I agree with this. I normally tend to stay away from modern RnB but this doesnt seem too bad. But It does look like they seem to behind the music trend rather than on the crest of the wave of it...

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I want to reconcile the violence in your heart.


This is gonna be on TWILIGHT.




"the violence in your heart" - I knew there'd be some NIN influnces in here, and this is one that stuck out in particular to me :p


And yeah, its more like Depeche Mode if anything

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Click one and press vote.


Fine, if you prefer: "It is impossible to form complete opinion on any song until you have heard more than a 30 second clip of it, and therefore any vote cast will have to be re-evaluated and perhaps changed at a later date, thus rendering any poll taken now void of any real meaning."


Even Guiding Light may turn out to be not as horrendously power-ballady painful as it appears! :LOL:


EDIT: actually who cares. This board never has nor should have meaning. Vote away. I'll even guess at liking it myself. :LOL:

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