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    I currently live in the States, but I started life in NZ. I'll be back in a bit.
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    Listening to/writing music, MTG, LEGO, the odd video game, other blokes.
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    Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, Arcade Fire, anything involving Danger Mouse.
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    In Rainbows, Hail To The Thief, Kid A, The King Of Limbs.
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  1. En general, un proveedor da 30 días a un cliente antes de considerarlos tarde en sus pagos prestamos con asnef rapidos. Este período de indulto es el período actual, pero se diferencia entre las empresas, sobre la base de la industria. Las empresas que trabajan en la industria alimentaria exigirán que ser pagado antes de 30 días debido a la naturaleza perecedera de los bienes, a diferencia de las empresas que trabajan en la industria del acero, que será satisfecho con los pagos realizados en 90 días o menos antes de tener un cliente correr oficialmente tarde. Si usted va a los extremos, mega tiendas que ofrecen los precios más competitivos para los consumidores requieren para pagar a sus proveedores en 120 días antes de ser considerados tarde; una ventaja que explotan debido a su estado. Normalmente las empresas más imponentes decidir sobre el plazo de pago a los proveedores

  2. Got this sent to me four times on Facebook yesterday. Can't wait to come home now, now that NZ's beaten US to the punch.
  3. My cousin certainly doesn't. He showed me this over Christmas. There haven't really been any in a while but it's a good laugh.
  4. Yeah coming back to Seattle was a huge shock. Never bundle up at this time of year but I'm in five layers right now. To be fair, it is below zero here currently.
  5. It was a great holiday, I'm just happy to have gone at all; we used to be able to pay for the airfare with mileage but not anymore.
  6. I'm already back in Seattle. Might be applying for a study abroad programme in at Victoria in Wellington for this July or next though!
  7. I just got internet, it's been a whirlwind but I'm finally settled in at Tauranga with my auntie and uncle currently. Mighty humid here!
  8. I leave on New Year's Eve eve. Any later and it would've been two New Years Days!
  9. Two weeks until I'm on Kiwi soil in time for my first summer Christmas in sixteen years. Excite!
  10. That's me and the States really.

  11. I don't even know if I'll be in the country in five years. By then I should hopefully have two degrees :LOL:

  12. :supersad: WANT! I'll be moving back within five years at least and be in dire need of friends so there's always that.
  13. We'll see though. :supersad:

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