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  1. I re-blogged one of these on Tumblr not to long ago, very nice work.
  2. Does anyone know Matt's actual weight in 2001? Curious to know.
  3. Hi Don't mean to bother anyone, but does anyone know the dimensions of Matt's guitar straps especially the width? is it 3inchs? in mm it would be best
  4. I am. I think a lot people are too. (especially from my generation that grew up in the 90s) . I don't own a single vinyl, maybe that's why I never appreciated that type of format. Speaking of CDs, I hope they release a CD version too and not just vinyl. What I would love though if the package included some posters of that era, I mean who wouldn't want an OOS and red haired Matt poster? That would be a dream.
  5. This really excites me I'm looking forward to it, a remaster would be appreciated (but not a re-recording).
  6. Red Muse

    Dig Down

    Their new song is like a mash-up between Madness and Reapers.
  7. Eternally Missed. They've only played it live twice and that was before it was even recorded. It's a great song, full of ambition, one of they're most powerful tracks. I can't stop listening the live version anyway, "Rusty One"
  8. Ah shame about that. I was hoping to find some answers just for a standard model. I also forget to mention I was looking for the Keytar dimensions as well.
  9. Does anyone know the exact dimensions of Matt's guitars? The width and height concerns me the most.
  10. A great track indeed, so intimate and personal. It would be nice if they made another track like that on a future album...
  11. Happy Birthday, Matt! Can't believe your 38, you look amazing. Just managed to catch the band at Glasto on my TV, but I only managed to watch 2 songs.
  12. that was hilarious! I loved that.
  13. How the hell I am suppose to read that
  14. Very. I'm confident it will be better than TR. It might just be better than BHAR....
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