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    Checkout assistant at Waitrose...I R Posh
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    Coldplay,Calvin Harris,IAMX,Does it offend you, Yeah?,Soulwax, Queens of the stone age,Queen
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    Garden State, The last kiss, ghost
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    The Mighty Boosh, Scrubs, Skins
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    Origin of symmetry
    Hullabaloo CD/DVD
    Black Holes and Revelations
    Black Holes and Revelations(American Version with DVD)
    Bliss CD
    Time is running out CD/DVD
    Butterflies and hurricanes CD/DVD
    Supermassive Black hole CD/DVD
    Starlight CD/DVD
    Knights of Cydonia CD/DVD and Vinyal
    Invincible CD
    Map of the problematique Does it offend you, yeah? remix
    Haarp Wembley Stadium CD/DVD
    HAARP Wembley Stadium itunes D/load(with City of delusion)
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    V Festival 2004
    Earls Court 19th Dec 2004
    Leeds Festival 2006
    NEC 14th Nov 2006
    Wembley Stadium 16th June 2007
    Royal Albert Hall 14th April 2008
    Marlay Park-Dublin 13th August 2008
    V Festival 2008
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  2. Aw thanks hun, the doctor told me if i went back out into the rain just would have gotten worse and i knew i had to go into work the next day:rolleyes: Yes!! Defo i really can't wait now, may even try and get to Manchester to really make up for it hehe. Thanks
  3. Not good, when i got home yesterday i slept for three hours then i had to go to work I had a shit weekend all round tbh, had some bad family news aswell.... Ah well i get to see them in september so i'll rock out and enjoy myself then:happy:
  4. Right im checked in, Oxegen ticket printed...just need to fill my bag with cereal bars and baby wipes See you guys tomorrow morning, i get in at 7:35am so i'll head to that bar:happy:
  5. I was saying that to my mum because i'll have no shoes to change into lol ...may bring some baby wipes. It may be like this, be prepared people lol
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