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  1. As a wanna be musician, accusations like this worry me. Did muse copyright the A minor chord progression? the two are kinda similar but calling it a rip off is a complete exaggeration.
  2. ~~december 08 - january 09 ~~ When I was 15 I stumbled upon this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHdN_O5k3WM Muse were just the final punch. But I was always creative and interested in music from saxophone to violin to mandolin. Until age 15 I wasn't even into Rock at all but then I saw "Brohemian Rhapsody" and fell in love. Also, playing music and especially bass is finally something I was good at the other people and it just connected. I wouldn't have dreamt of being able to play through YYZ after only a year playing.
  3. tbh a 14 tracks CD wont be able to contain even half of Muse's awesome. I've never seen Muse as a kind of band that will be able to release a "Greatest Hits/Best of" Album for the simple fact that you cant define Muse' music. Sure, they are a Rock band but I dont think that New Born or Stockholm Syndrome can fit in the same category with Undisclosed Desires or even Uprising for that matter (song type-wise). So just 14 songs wont be able to capture the essence of Muse. The best I can think of is doing what Suede did by letting Matt choose 15-10 of his favourite singles and 20-25 of his favourite non-single and release it as a double or triple CD. but: Knights of Cydonia Muscle Museum Sing For Absolution Starlight Dead Star Feeling Good Bliss Time Is Running Out Resistance Interlude+Hysteria New Born Stockholm Syndrome Citizen Erased Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)
  4. Yogi Bear... or TRON: Legacy, either one would have been great.
  5. Hey, it's Horcrux but I'm going to use this account instead and get the other deleted. :happy:

  6. happy birthday, have a good one!! :D:party:

  7. 16x14 clear Ludwig Vistalite tom, maybe? (MuseWiki)
  8. Ayal

    Line 6 Pod X3?

    You recommended me a few months ago to get a multi, can you recommend about a specific multi?
  9. Ayal

    Line 6 Pod X3?

    I guess I cant spot an octaver when I hear one. Does Chris use an octaver to get a low and high sound simultaneously or only high and only low? because I cant spot it...
  10. Ayal

    Line 6 Pod X3?

    Everybody tells me to buy an octaver but tbh I dont know a single song of any band that has octaver use.
  11. Ayal

    Line 6 Pod X3?

    But I dont know what to buy! I have a Big muff and I dont know what to get next! I want Chris's tone but I dont wanna ignore pitch shifters altogether.
  12. Ayal

    Line 6 Pod X3?

    sorry to interrupt but what do you think will be best for Chris' tone? Bass POD xt? Boss GT-10B? does POD x3 delivers good bass effects?
  13. oh, and tbh I have no problem with covers being b-sides but when it being on setlists more than it should it's annoying. I mean I love the U2 cover they played with The Edge in Glastonbury but I wouldnt want them to play it in every other show. Feeling Good is a different story. It would be nice if they played it atleast once to see how its like but I trust their judgement that it would suck... like Futurism live... which they dont play no more.
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