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  1. The only bits I dont like are that the in-time quavers are very undubsteppy, (un-sus-tain-a, un-sus-tain-a), it's all about the crossrhythms with dubstep. Also I wish the portamento string melody was done with legato brass instead
  2. Gonna assume it's just another patch of random other-genre experimentation that they've stuck in the middle of a patchwork-y album without anything else being vaguely dubsteppy, in the same way as The Resistance
  3. It seems the book I mentioned earlier is available to read on Scribd, I'm gonna have a gander and see how they put the two together - Here
  4. Well there's always The Second Law of Economics: Energy, Entropy and the Origins of Wealth to work through to see whether the boot fits, I suppose. I'm just picking search results at random, off Google here really
  5. I've been gagging for Muse to replicate electronic music through heavily processed guitar for the last 2 albums and I'm glad to see them finally doing it in the dubstep section!
  6. I quite like the analogy, even if it is a little 'Enter Shikari' Second Law of Thermodynamics May Explain Economic Evolution
  7. This summarises my entire life, how sad On-topic, I love the new song, it's cheesy yeah, sure, again I think it's supposed to be, comparing a meeting to a neutron star collision. It's even more Abba/Queen than ever, and with a huge dose of Rachmaninov Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini (one of his cheesiest compositions perhaps) it's awesomely powerful too, another mix of emotion and novelty that this album has encapsulated so well, IMO.
  8. Haha thanks for the christmas wishes, havent logged in for ages haha! How're you?

  9. Have a Merry Christmas! :D:kiss:

  10. Mobytoss


    I can see something like this working, but I reckon it'd be most successful through a musical vendor's own internet service; that is to say, if Apple were to start their own ISP (maybe they already have in America or something? I dunno) you could most likely charge a higher subscription which would enable limited/unlimited downloads of film/music/whatever through the iTunes Store service. It'd keep everything very clean-cut and easy to handle if it were dealt with through such a 'universal' provider as Apple. Thinking about it, it'd probably be reasonably simple for a non-Apple based ISP to notify Apple to start/stop an iTunes subscription service when the customer began/terminated their subscription anyway. I know I'd pay a bit extra on my monthly fees for access to this music/film/whatever as part of my all-in-one ISP service
  11. This, it'll come by DHL courier, and probably by today, keep your eye out for any lost couriers near your house! Mine was on their way back to base because they couldn't find my house!
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