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  1. happy birthday, have a good one!! :D:party:

  2. Busy Busy Busy! Yourself? (The previously mentioned guy-I-live-with just hopped in his car and sped off to Takapuna..."THEY MUST BE STAYING IN TAKAPUNA...YOU KNOW WHAT PEOPLE DO ON THURSDAY NIGHTS IN TAKAPUNA? THEY PARTY!") Anyone else looking forward to Farmer Pimp and The Veils tomorrow/later today?
  3. I live five minutes away from Takapuna Beach.....and am in Takapuna about three times a week. FUCK SHIT DICKS. The guy I live with just said.. "fuck my life" "fuck me in the face".
  4. 1. Supermassive Black Hole 2. Citizen Erased 3. Soldier's Poem 4. Invincible 5. Hysteria 6. Resistance 7. Sunburn (Piano) 8. Showbiz 9. Map of Your Head 10. United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage) 11. Guiding Light 12. MK Ultra 13. Blackout --- 14.Exo1 15.Exo2 16.Exo3 --- 17. I Belong To You 18. Fury 19. Plug In Baby 20. Unnatural Selection + Explosions
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