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"Madness" or "Starlight"  

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  1. 1. "Madness" or "Starlight"

    • Madness
    • Starlight

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tricky question, as each song was released at a different time in Muse's career and was composed from different personal experiences

IMO, Madness has more lyrical potency, and the crescendo during the second half is amazing

Starlight is a good pop song, but it kinda felt out of place when related to the rest of the record

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seriously though, does that really make a difference here :chuckle:


It can, if that comes through in the song, and causes one to feel more heartfelt, or if the individual relates to it differently.

Also, comparing a song about unresolved loneliness to one with a very happy ending...


I prefer Madness, however. Starlight actually doesn't feel as emotional to me as Madness, and can get stale more quickly.

Although, I prefer some of the lyrics of Starlight.

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Starlight used to be my favorite Muse song, but then was replaced by Madness. I listened to it non stop since it came out and I never got tired of it. So I choose Madness.


Honestly, in my opinion, it's one of the best songs they've ever done and my all time favorite from them. :cool:

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Screenager, Bedroom Acoustics, Nishe > Madness


Nishe what Fabri said, although it really is nice

Bedroom Acoustics is just Matt showing off. It's not individual or anything, just a proper guitar work wich turns out to sound good.

and Screenager is close, yes. opinionz

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