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Has anyone ever gotten VIP tickets to either a Muse concert or even any other concert in general? I'm really curious as to whether it's worth it or not (if I don't buy VIP, I'll stick with seats, i.e. not GA).


Here's what they offer for Muse at $219:


  • Premium reserved ticket in first 10 rows of the lower bowl of the arena
  • Access to the official Muse pre-show party! Immerse yourself in a Muse pre-show party experience with other Muse fans. Enjoy complimentary food and a cash bar at this private event.
  • Limited edition Muse poster designed specifically for 'The 2nd Law' VIP guests
  • Muse water bottle
  • Reusable Muse tote bag
  • Private merchandise shopping at the pre-party
  • On-site event host

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I would have, if they weren't $219!!! I have to fly to probably Chicago to see them anyways, no way am I blowing all that for a water bottle, possibly better seats, a tote bag and a poster, because really I wouldn't use the other stuff either.


But there are snacks too! Think of the snaaaaacks! And you get to pay extra for some drinks!



(For the record, I agree with you. :LOL:)

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