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    Video games (Zelda, Mario, Bioshock, and so many more...)

    Drawing :D
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    3/6/10 @ Boston
  1. happy b-day! =) best wishes!

  2. I thought that when i wrote it! :LOL:

    It is sad they are endangered, but there isn't a lot we can do.

    Living on a farm isn't as great as you think! There is animal droppings everywhere & heaps of the animals smell so bad! (I loved it when i found out about Matt's love for farms ;) )

    You could probably get horse lessens very easily. :) Costly tho :indiff:

  3. Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! (Haha sorry I HAD to do that :p )

    Nice choices though! I find tigers to be beautiful, especially white ones. I wanna save tigers :'( !!!

    You used to live on a farm? AHHH I'm so jealous! That's amazing! (Even the great Matthew Bellamy wants to retire on a farm haha). I never rode a horse but I really want to. I love black stallions too <333

  4. I like tigers & lions :happy: They are just so powerful. I used to live on a farm with 4 horses. They are beautiful animals. It's fun riding them. Have you ridden a horse?

  5. Aww thank you! :)

    Do you at least have a favorite animal? Mine would be wolves or horses (I can never pick just one!)

  6. Bebe is a cute name. Wow! Clever dog! I think they trainer has too much time on his hands :chuckle: I'm not really an animal person myself. Not really sure why :)

  7. Haha Bebe would be her name :) She's an adorable thing. I want a puppy too. I love Shiba inus. You must check out this video :)


  8. That sounds interesting! I guess its good. Well, lack of sleep and stress are what comes to mind when i think of work :chuckle: Aww :happy: what is your cat's name?

  9. Want to study biochemistry in college :D Oh must be awesome being free and out of school, huh? When lack of sleep and too much stess are the 1st things that come to mind when I think of school, rather than enjoying the education or even friends, you know there's something wrong! Makes me feel so glad to have a kitty to keep me calm lol!

  10. Hey, it's all good.No problem. I love the red hair :)

    College does sound pretty cool! I always thought that college would be harder tho. What do you want to study in college?

    Yep, I only work. Because I don't live at home, and have my own place, I have to work almost full time to pay bills, rent, insurance etc.

  11. Awh man sorry I haven't replied in a while!! Haha and thanks for the massive pic of awesomeness :D The way you cropped it into you profile pic is perfect lol


    I go to high school. Gonna graduate and wow lemme tell ya I CANNOT WAIT to go to college :p The tedious schedule of high school is too much now. I'm tired all the time. At least in college you can manage your time better (my sister's in college and she's so carefree!).


    You work? As in work only at the moment or do you go to school as well? :)

  12. Glad you are doing well. Thanks! I think it's obvious I'm a massive Bellamy fan :awesome:




    I'm doing well, a bit tired after a long week of work but that's life. :)

    Do you go to school or work?

  13. hahaha XD

    I'm doing great thank you! :) And omg I'm loving your avatar/profile pic. Any picture that exposes that much of Bellamy's collar bone is worth commenting about lol ;P

    How are you?

  14. Thanks! After i saw that hip-thrusting video i knew i could have no other location :D

    How are you doing?

  15. Haha I really like you avatar/profile pic.

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