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  1. Yah I'm pretty bummed about not winning Boston thing is, the rules were not very clear... would've been nice to know if there was truly a disqualification for entering more than once for a gig. Otherwise I wouldn't have spent so much time participating everyday >.< but hey as long as we get to see them play, that's all that truly matters in the end
  2. That was SUPER helpful!! Thanks so much for taking the time to explain (I get so easily confused lol) ^__^
  3. A few questions... Are there 20 chances total? (Meaning that there won't be a winner for every U.S. gig since there are more than 20 gigs?) If I were to successfully win a chance, does that mean I'm "all set" and I shouldn't bother to try again for more chances to the gig of my choice? (I believe the rules have indicated this, but I'm not quite sure). Any clarification would be greatly appreciated! :-)
  4. Got the tickets! So excited! Thanks to those who answered my previous questions, you guys really helped out a bunch
  5. Does the presale include seats? (i.e. loge/balcony, not GA?) Because if not I'm guessing I'm gonna have to wait for the general public/official sale starting later this week around Friday, correct?
  6. Has anyone ever gotten VIP tickets to either a Muse concert or even any other concert in general? I'm really curious as to whether it's worth it or not (if I don't buy VIP, I'll stick with seats, i.e. not GA). Here's what they offer for Muse at $219: Premium reserved ticket in first 10 rows of the lower bowl of the arena Access to the official Muse pre-show party! Immerse yourself in a Muse pre-show party experience with other Muse fans. Enjoy complimentary food and a cash bar at this private event. Limited edition Muse poster designed specifically for 'The 2nd Law' VIP guests Muse water bottle Reusable Muse tote bag Private merchandise shopping at the pre-party On-site event host
  7. Are the VIP tickets worth it you think? (It's not like we'll get to meet them...right?)
  8. happy b-day! =) best wishes!

  9. I thought that when i wrote it! :LOL:

    It is sad they are endangered, but there isn't a lot we can do.

    Living on a farm isn't as great as you think! There is animal droppings everywhere & heaps of the animals smell so bad! (I loved it when i found out about Matt's love for farms ;) )

    You could probably get horse lessens very easily. :) Costly tho :indiff:

  10. Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! (Haha sorry I HAD to do that :p )

    Nice choices though! I find tigers to be beautiful, especially white ones. I wanna save tigers :'( !!!

    You used to live on a farm? AHHH I'm so jealous! That's amazing! (Even the great Matthew Bellamy wants to retire on a farm haha). I never rode a horse but I really want to. I love black stallions too <333

  11. I like tigers & lions :happy: They are just so powerful. I used to live on a farm with 4 horses. They are beautiful animals. It's fun riding them. Have you ridden a horse?

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