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  1. Yep, tempted with Eurockéennes but i have no idea if and how people will be allowed to go to a gig, plenty of plans were made and cancelled for everyone in 2020, hoping that 2021 we can actually go to gigs
  2. What a fucking joke the pre-sales have been.
  3. Happy Winter Solstice :xmas:

  4. Arcade

    Hello, follow me kirky

  5. Happy Birthday Toadie Mushroomhead!!

  6. Hey thank you for your christmas wishes!! have a turkey-riffic time and relax and unwind!! get away from editing things :D thanks for the lol's this year!


    i reckon you could be in for a museboard award.

  7. cheers for the birthday wishes Liam.. it'l be :party: time shortly!

  8. Happy Birthday :party:

  9. Happy Birthday =)

  10. Happy Birthday Clungeyboy!

  11. Happy Birthday !! :party:

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