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  1. Yep, tempted with Eurockéennes but i have no idea if and how people will be allowed to go to a gig, plenty of plans were made and cancelled for everyone in 2020, hoping that 2021 we can actually go to gigs
  2. What a fucking joke the pre-sales have been.
  3. Happy Winter Solstice :xmas:

  4. What a supermassive line-up on Night 1.
  5. We have to give a big slice of thanks to the fan (Karen) whose idea it was and organised the Set-list by request petition that caught the attention of the band and the tour manager. Over 6K signatures is a pretty good effort considering the amount of people that initially poo-pooed the idea at first
  6. Gotta say i'm still overwhelmed by this show, from the facemelting brutal opening of Assassin to the magical majestic MM and Showbiz where plenty of dust met my eye. I was amazed at how Matt uses various breathing techniques to open up his diaphragm to reach those highs. I shit ye not he went balls out for the SBE show. Glad i recorded most of the rarities from the front. I don't want muse to be their own tribute act but bloody hell they ought to do more shows like that again, good to get back to their roots and connect with the die hard audience. not enough thanks to the band for this gig.
  7. Anyone recognise the blue and yellow/gold tshirt as worn in reading festival and shep bush show? MuseReading270817-65 by Raph_PH, on Flickr
  8. It wouldn't be the craziest of collaborations.. perhaps someday, probably never yes. granted that there would be alpha male syndrome and it would probably take a decade to pump out an album if they don't give up or kill each other over whose falsetto is best.
  9. When if ever will we see a Muse and Radiohead supergroup.. that would blow so many minds away, not least those of Matt and Thom.
  10. Arcade


    I can tell you the recent performances at the O2, Birmingham and Manchester were not mimed, I was close enough to see and I think at Glasto they were not mimed.. but if there was ever a gig that you might mime to it would big glastonbury, not much pressure and not that big a crowd
  11. Arcade


    As someone who was at the front this gig was insane.. got covered in drone confetti and yes, it tasted salty. Matt whistling the globalist was pretty special, I really hope that this song appears on the glastonbury album. Massive dream of seeing Muse headline Glasto achieved loved the staging as it harks back to the BH&R era.
  12. Big Data - Dangerous, that's also another great pre drones gig tune. I think it's the remix version which is played
  13. yeah what a setlist.. i guess tomorrow will either rock to the max or go full cheese
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