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  1. I'll be tweeting the set list and possibly periscope some of the show if you want to follow me on twitter @christine_85
  2. If you're willing to drop some coins, stubhub has pit for $250 😳
  3. After hours of trying to find views of the upper seating to no avail, I pulled the trigger on some row T seats. But I did find views of the lower seats and those are some prime seats viewing for $299👌
  4. I got my code around 1:30 PM and i'm looking at seats and EVERYTHING is a VIP package or lawn. The Starlight package is in the 2nd level and that's $199 ! I love the band and all but holy moly $299 is insane for lower.
  5. OMG that sucks! Totally explains why the floor had about 150 people and when I was standing to get a shirt, it was bottlenecked at the door. I said eff it and ran to the floor and got barrier. I got my ticket from the preorder. Had doubts earlier but glad I did.
  6. Sunrise, you did me proud!! The crowd was amazing!! I had some doubts but you surprised me!! First Muse gig and I got to hear Bliss and Stockholm LIVE!! My life is complete! I'm going to upload some video and will post them here.
  7. Hi guys! Just settled down at home. This was my first Muse concert and it was AMAZING!! Thank you all for following me on Twitter and providing updates here! I got there around 6 PM and found an empty hole on barrier by Chris' side of the stage. Fans were about 10 deep in the center and toward Matt's side. They played Bliss which I died. I had to grab my camera quickly to hit record so I can keep this memory forever! After Dead Sara, the area filled up pretty good. They didn't sell the 400's seats (nose bleed) and had black curtains covering them. A few times, I couldn't hear Matt because the crowd was SO loud and singing along. Overall consensus of the arena LOVED the older stuff. Thats the only time it got crazy! Well, the other time when Matt was walking along the barrier and the crowd PUSHED to the barrier to touch him. I didn't touch him but some lucky kids next to me did. It was just an amazing show and cannot wait until the next time Muse comes around!! I'm going to upload some video and post them in the Ft. Lauderdale thread soon. As for Dead Sara, they sucked. She sounded like a screeching cat and the sound was muffled. I couldn't understand what she was singing. Even my brother was like "WTF?!". My ears were hurting so bad during their set, I had to put my fingers in my ears. (didn't need to for Muse cause they sounded a MILLION times better) Who came up with the idea to have them??
  8. Dead sara is off. Wow the sound sucked! Sounded like she was screeching one song the entire time. Place still looks half empty. Lights didn't come on yet so I'll take another pic when its brighter.
  9. I already made a friend with the BB&T staff on the barrier. I asked him why they let people on the floor with food?! That shit will fly around when they start. Got a couple behind me with fries and ketchup and a dude with a cup of beer.
  10. Hi guys! I'm on barrier on Chris' side!! I hope I don't get killed over here! I will try and update from twitter @christine_85 but I will be busy taking video and photos from an awesome area. Have fun on the sexy plane!
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