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  1. Happy New Year! :party:

  2. I'm inside by the VIP table now!!!! Ahhhh
  3. I'm really excited. Even though I got a seated ticket, I have a great view and I may be able to hold up a sign or something. Idk. But I've forbidden myself from listening to Muse this whole week. That way the concert will be even more special.
  4. If Matt and Dom applied for citizenship I would piss....everywhere....profusely, and violently to the point that I pass out. And once I wake up, I will be the happiest person to ever wake up in a puddle of urine.
  5. To each his own. I've began to notice that there are parts of Big Freeze that I actually really enjoy. The "What words just can't convey" part is breathtaking. And even the guitar part there is nice.
  6. Really? I love Follow Me and I wish we could have it here in the US. As far as singles go, I'd be very interested in Unsustainable being one. It's highly unlikely, but Muse don't exactly do everything the way we think they will.
  7. The time is fast approaching! I've got the Muse fever.
  8. I'm glad Supremacy will be a single. I'm quite interested to see what kind of remixes'll show up. Although, I'm thoroughly disappointed we never got Follow Me in the US. I think it could have been succesful, and it was one of my favorite songs from T2L.
  9. My friend and I should be arriving there by morning or noon. Even if I have VIP should I try to get to the arena early?
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